Life Lessons: Why am I changing? The motion effect of the Matrix

Life Lessons: Why am I changing? For humans like you and me who outgrow societies…

Why am I changing

Have you heard about “the shift” that’s happening? What does it mean to you? I bet you are in the middle of it. For humans like you and me who outgrow societies lower norms and envision a higher standard to live our lives and dreams, we get the most of the roughness of change! Life Lessons: Why am I changing? It’s because, either you want it from a higher perspective, or you get uplifted by the changes affecting the planet.

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I am changing (Unconsciously)

Expanded and educated souls experience more dramatic ups and downs from this shift. These are my observations and insights of from the waves of events happening to me and a lot of other people. The effect of the constant motion in the matrix of the universe will always be, in motion.

And that includes You.

If you tell yourself or your friends, “I am changing”, that is, in fact, a good thing. Good that you notice this. Now may come a time where you will want to switch out one or some of your close relationships.

In this blog post, I’m covering one of my favorite and most important areas of interest: Insights and methods to grow our INNER self. Your spirit. It is what you are, and it’s the essence of who you will always be. Tend to it, and you will expand. Or talk to the hand on the subject, and you exclude yourself. Which can hurt over time!

You’ve noticed unexpected or dramatic and sudden changes?

At first sight, when meeting new people, life may not look so turbulent or uncertain for them. And by just asking a shallow and random question: How’s it going? Anything new?…

Most people answer with the not so conscious autoresponder that they are doing just fine, and nothing is new. Though, s subtle body language is often showing something different.

And it’s when we dig into and backtrack a few life events that a pattern start to show: Life have in fact had a whole series of weird moments, events and sometimes big sudden changes happening.

For others there is an immediate response: Yes! Big things have been happening.

Changes are part of the lives for a lot of people on this planet. It’s the shift I’m talking about. They can be, and very often are:

  • Change of relationships
  • Change of the location where you live
  • A change in a work situation
  • Very often, a deeper sense of needing or wanting to do things different in life
  • New routines. Change of food. A shift in personal style and “self-branding”.

The “Shift” I’m talking about is widespread. The whole planet and where it’s suspended in the universe is affected. The shift is about human consciousness, affecting our body, mind and spirit all the way down to the DNA level. This also affects your mind, thus, your thinking and the stream of ideas you produce.

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This new mindset is the change. And you are a part of it.

Why am I changing? The effect on your body and mind

I have a sport in picking out random people and just sit down and talk to them. It’s the way I’m doing my research, observing and getting a confirmation for my intuitive sensing of these changes.

Maybe you should do this to? Why not? It’s just people like you and me. And by sharing each others story and ask some questions, you will get more insights and feel more confident with your question “why am I changing.” You may discover that you are not alone in living through turmoil and new life events.

It’s just that people are afraid to talk about it.

The reason you are changing is two-fold. That’s usually the explanation I give to people. So you can consider the following two reasons:

  • YOU are changing yourself unconsciously, from a higher place of being. It’s IN you, and it’s an energy that has laid dormant and was bound to wake up sooner or later. You are more. You are bigger, brighter and more magnificent than you dear to think. So your energy-body and your soul are “pushing on”, want to expand.
  • You are changing because the whole planet and its inhabitants are moving into a new area. It’s a natural cycle, and we are now shifting into that high energy time with potent manifesting power in the air. The Mayans talked about this. Many native indigenous cultures talked about it. You’ll find it in ancient cave wall paintings. And you can, in fact, see it in the cycles of the sun.

What school doesn’t teach you: Life lessons!

What’s sad about this is that these topics are entirely left out in school. The dysfunctional learning system everybody gets pushed through. So you are left with useless, shallow concepts that got nothing to do with your existence and understanding what’s REALLY going on.

Much of the changes you experience is, of course, a combination of the above two points. Since we as souls are at different educational levels, there will be humans on this planet having a very easy transition into the new reality that we create.

You might be one of the souls that already got this “coding” for change as part of you, part of your plan for this life. Because you already reached far, your natural, innate need for doing things differently are more in harmony with you inner needs that’s building up.

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You feel this planet is totally nuts and that humans are just a box of Gremlins creating hell on earth. (Movie: Gremlins, 1984) . Your worldview, the way you understand love, energy, relate to all living things and what dolphins really are, you have a hard time relating to the lower norms of the society.

Why am I changing? (Movie: Gremlins, 1984)

You are longing for something that most people, the even closest family can’t provide you with because they are in a much lower frequency. In a bright starry night, you may even look out into the void feeling melancholic and lonely, not really understand why you miss something “out there.”

When the planet moves into this new area, the rising of the energies that hits the planet triggers you from within.

  • You are changing because you want to, though you consciously find it scary
  • You are changing because you have to
  • You are changing because nothing stands still, you can not ever, not change
  • The only constant in the universe is Change. And you are part of the universe.

My advice is, never fight these coming changes. You don’t have to totally agree with them right now, and it’s fine to feel insecure and even scared sometimes. But let go over the fighting and resisting mindset as much as you can. Instead, connect with good and like-minded people so that you don’t walk this path alone.

Now, consider the next topic.

Are you Being the change or just getting tossed around?

Two situations we can take a look at, and something you should spend a minute to think about so you might have more clarity and accept what’s going on.

  1. You are experiencing sudden shifts and changes outside of your control
  2. You are actually being the change yourself, so your outer world changes also

These are the main three situations most people have.

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Shifts and changes outside of your control

With little doubt, this is the matrix in which most people reside. This is the place where scary shit happens, and people operate in their daily life with uncertainty, doubt, chaos, and confusion. Not so pleasant. Though, they have a choice.

You want this change

Within this particular matrix of a person’s reality, things have started to shift. It’s a level of existence where more and more people move into, and it’s within a collective group of humans where I attract a lot of connections myself.

There is still confusion here on this level. But the drive towards something new is creating the urge to get in motion and transition into a new reality. We get new interests, new thoughts and new dreams, develop new daily habits. Like with our dress code, eating habits and what we choose to consume of sound vibrations (music) and visual impressions. Also, what kind of people we want to keep around and close to us.

So think about this, do you think that life just “happens” to you, or are you, in fact, creating the changes you see around you, yourself?

Either you feel the changes you observe from within or outside of you, or a combination of both, as long as you accept the changes, something happens:

You will have days where you wake up, and you feel something is different.

How to change your reality mindset

This is because the change within you have already happened. You 1. spirit, 2. Mind and 3. Body, have adjusted to a different frequency. And when you do that, you will start to experience a reality matching that rate in frequency!

I will fade out this blog post with this one line that you might want to write down:

You will start to experience a reality matching THAT frequency!

That = The mindset you produce that determines the frequency you will be in.

The motion effect of the matrix we live in is constant. Flow with it, so you don’t become like dead water that’s been still in a bottle for years. It is, in fact, poisonous. I always suggest diving into a calming and peaceful meditation practice though suits you.

With love from Norway, the land of the Vikings.