My 2nd Trip to Iceland: The Film is Out, A Magical and Epic Reality

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Iceland, there’s a big chance the…

Magical places in Iceland

Landscapes of Iceland

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Iceland, there’s a big chance the trip will have a profound impact on you. This place of dramatic, magical, and high energy nature changes people, something you’ll see in my next film documenting my last trip to Iceland in October.

You will see some epic scenes in this film from our October trip. I had been itching to get back to this place.

Because the last time I visited Iceland, with some friends in 2016, something happened to me. What that change was, I can’t be sure. But for over a week after I came home, I felt it.

Have you been to Iceland?

Please share your story in the comments. I’m curious what your experience was. For me, the trip triggered something that let me know positive changes were headed my way. And they were.

You attract your own reality—what’s on your mind right now?

What you experience in life has been attracted by you consciously and unconsciously. That means you have the option to construct your life, your outer reality, by the choices you make AFTER you think about something.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Everything starts with a thought, a hidden idea that you may be pondering in your subconscious.[/tweet_box]

Personally, I like to make sure I attract pleasant circumstances in life by programming my mind the right way so that I can, for the most part, spend time on good thoughts. By thinking the right thoughts, you’ll be drawn to the right people, the right circumstances, and the right places.

When you do this, you will begin to reinforce your ability to control what you manifest.

Like when I got it in my head that I needed to return to Iceland. I wanted to be in that reality—that otherworldly kind of beauty—one more time simply because it felt good, and because I made that decision, a stream of new experiences and opportunities were set in motion, both there and back home.

In short, go to beautiful places…

…because it feels good and sets positive changes in motion.

Iceland is a high energy country with a peaceful mindset.

Iceland was almost ripped apart by a rift between two tectonic plates that cross the entire country!

You will see an example of this in the film when we use our drone to show you the power of nature here.

I often talk about energy, or energies, because it’s the only thing that’s real! How else should one convey the deeper aspects of life?

[tweet_dis]We as humans are energy manifested in physical form in a physical body. When we move around the planet, we encounter and are immersed in various shifting energies.[/tweet_dis]

Just like ley lines and other powerful sacred locations, Iceland is a place of strong energy. I believe this is why many people have an emotional reaction to visiting Iceland.

It’s powerful to stand before nature and observe its beauty, but there is much more to it.

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