How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick – 3 Major Tips

Are you like most people, epic at failing their new year resolutions? Well, there is…

The new years resolutions ideas that will stick

Are you like most people, epic at failing their New Year’s resolutions? Well, there is a reason for that! Today, I’m sharing three major tips on how to make your New Year’s resolutions stick to become a new life habit you can thrive off.

It’s New Year’s Eve. You’re gathered around the dinner table with family, friends, and maybe a few of kin that doesn’t slide well into your atmosphere. The conversations keep going and everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions and epic goals they’re hot on making a habit in the New Year.

That’s how large groups of people tend to play it out. They fire each other up, become motivated and feel fuzzy and warm about the hype around the awesome, great plans to make their life better…

Then everybody breaks apart, the New Year starts, and each and every one of their usual daily habits start to kick in causing them to forget about their new goals.

Why? Because there are some important insights missing. Some vital “functions” for how to make New Year’s resolutions stick and actually become a new life habit.

New Year’s Eve is like a ceremonial event…

… a people’s gathering to celebrate the transitioning into the New Year. Except for being a noisy, intoxicating, and completely useless indulgence of alcohol and explosives, it does, in fact, have a ritualistic and mental impact on us.

Humans have used rituals and ceremonies for about, forever. Except for religions and the church making a mess around it… Different rituals set the human mind into a framework, programming, and leaves an emotional impact. Often in very good ways.

Creating settings and rituals for us to perform better, improve our lives, and make sure changes stick is an effective method to instill change.

I made a film about this. In my VLOG Number 8, I’m discussing my topic of New Year’s resolutions, and I’m sharing three major tips for how to make them stick in the New Year.

If you don’t like popcorn and don’t want to watch me get a facemask at the same time, you can check out the cheat sheet below.

How to make New Year’s resolutions become a habit

Here are some of the main factors to make sure the changes you wish for will turn into a habit and become a part of your daily routine.

(1) Eat Clean

Make sure you eat pure, clean and organic food to avoid a blurry, foggy, and slow mind. You won’t even be able to make good decisions if your diet sucks.

(2) Meditate

Change your brain through meditation. Don’t flinch on this one! Many scientists have reported that meditation has a huge impact on your mind and your life.

(3) Cultivate A Supportive Crew

Don’t be afraid to change your closest network of friends and family. You may even have friends that are not good for you! It’s a reality. This doesn’t mean they are divinely less valuable than you as a human being. Perhaps, they operate on a different level and may hold you back, down, or even upside down!

Leave them and mingle with likeminded people that lift you up and motivate you.

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