11 Reasons You’re Not Fitting Into The System and What Alternatives You Have

If you feel as if you’re not fitting into the system, if you’re going to…

If you feel as if you’re not fitting into the system, if you’re going to school, or if you’re struggling with your current job, then keep reading. So many people feel the same way and are struggling to find joy in what they’re doing. In this blog, I’m sharing 11 reasons you’re not fitting into the system, and what alternatives to choose from.

If you lack a deeper understanding, the freedom to do what you want and earn your own income, you are not alone in that either.

We are living in a complex world. It’s beyond what most people can comprehend. And therefore, many people look away from the depth and the greatness of our existence.

Not all of us are like the rest.

However, not everyone is like this. Those who want to learn more and to know what’s really going on will reach new heights in life. These people are, in fact, those who become motivators and mentors. If you are such a person, this is something you should think about doing.

After we are born, we grow up and walk the path of life the way we are told we should. Without further direction, we follow neatly along with everyone else, all the way until we feel that something is off, that we cannot quite keep up. There may be several reasons for this…

11 Reasons You Don’t Fit Into The System

Below you will find 11 reasons you don’t fit into the system, and what alternatives you’ve got.

  1. You have a deeper sense about life than most people around you.
  2. You didn’t quite understand why you had to learn what you were told at school.
  3. Your childhood brought you important lessons about life.
  4. You don’t “vibe” with most people and miss like-minded friends.
  5. You connect deeper with the Universe and a deeper meaning.
  6. You feel that other people don’t see or understand your qualities.
  7. You have dreams and visions that school couldn’t help you with.
  8. You want freedom but prefer to build your income from home.
  9. You feel that it’s not your first time here on earth.
  10. You see through the political and corporate play on the planet.
  11. Your way of thinking and making choices is not a common practice.

If you recognise any of these, you are part of a group of people that really need to take care of their wellbeing cleverly. Because you see through much of the illusion and false promises on this planet!

Those “Wounded Healers” With A Rough Past

You may come from an unfortunate background with a tiring childhood, where your parents or other adults are the reason you now experience the world as you do.

Perhaps you have been through experiences and events that have diminished your joy, your development, and your capacity to keep up with life. Or you may be one of many who just don’t fit into the traditional way of life, of building your career or success the way you have been told. Meaning, joy, and success aren’t the same for you as for everyone else.

Many individuals on this earth have a somewhat unique design and behavior from “most people”. Some of us have a stronger connection to life, nature, our origins, the universe, and ways of handling our daily lives, than those around us.

Not fitting into the System? Make a reality shift

Therefore, many people like us are struggling, perhaps in combination with our childhoods or other experiences. Or by following the school system and adapting to 9-to-4 jobs.

Maybe you have finished with your years of school and education but haven’t been able to get a job. Or you have a job, but you don’t thrive, and something is missing in your life.

We’re All Different and Represent Uniqueness (Even The “Conventional”)

Human beings differ from each other. The problem is that society and the norms we are subject to aren’t really adapting to our differences.

So what are your alternatives when you don’t fit into the flock of sheep, but you KNOW that you have desires, talents, and dreams?

The most important thing to know and understand is that you’re NOT alone in being different. Being an outsider, weird, special or whatever else others might consider you.

Have you heard of Steve Jobs?

He was the legend who started Apple and is one of the world’s greatest business owners and a builder of brilliant things. What kind of education did this man receive before he founded Apple?


He began studying, but quit after three months and ended up down an entirely different path where he learned Japanese calligraphy art.

What defines you from today onwards is FULLY and ENTIRELY decided by what you think of yourself, what you think is possible, and what you decide on! If someone tells you differently, consider analyzing how far they’ve come in their own lives.

11 Methods and Alternatives For Your Success

These 11 methods correspond to the previous eleven points for the reasons you are different.

You have a different outlook on life than most people around you.

Keep doing that, but keep to yourself until you have developed a solid foundation of confidence and balance in life.

You didn’t quite understand why you had to learn what you were told at school.

This applies to many people. It doesn’t mean that you WON’T learn anything, but that you followed knowledge you are passionate about. Related to who YOU are.

You come from an unstable and tiring childhood or background.

This is normal and OK. But don’t use it as an excuse or a security blanket to avoid taking responsibility for becoming who you really want to be in life.

You don’t feel you “match” most people and miss like-minded people.

This is very good! Keep being who you are and cultivate what you are passionate about and believe in without hiding it. This way you’ll attract like-minded people.

You connect more to the Universe and a deeper meaning.

This is one of your greatest qualities. Keep this up and dive into what you are attracted to. If you keep doing this, you will become a mentor.

You feel that other people don’t see or understand your qualities.

This is actually your own fault. It’s not a criticism, but most likely you radiate uncertainty and choose not to talk, show, and communicate who you really want to be. This is the result; people around you don’t see you for who you really are.

You have grand dreams and visions that school couldn’t help you with.

Many people have done this throughout history. It need not stop you at all. Geniuses, dreamers, and smart people in your format are not suited for school. Pursue your own learning. Everything is available on the Internet, and there are plenty of free courses and education hubs online.

You want freedom and would rather make your own income from home.

The world is changing enormously, and this topic becomes increasingly popular. More and more people want this freedom, and it is easier than ever to build your own income. You don’t need any education for it. And it is cheap to get started. Use the Internet and find a mentor.

You feel that it’s not your first time here on earth.

Quite many people on this planet feel the same way. Some KNOW that they’ve had several lives. And in some cultures, this is a given. You are right, and that’s why you’ve got the feeling of having had former lives. If you want to find out more about this, there are methods for this, too. There is nothing special about feeling like you’ve had a former life. The special thing is that people don’t acknowledge it.

You hide behind acting and are introverted, but you know that you have qualities.

Perhaps you know that many people struggle with this. In a world where the norms of society rule brutally, it’s difficult being the one standing up for their own beliefs, insights, or true personality. Even towards your closest family. The important thing is to focus on what YOU are worth, and that your personality has the RIGHT to be free in whoever you want to be. Start meditating, find a mentor, and read or watch ONLY motivational books or videos.

You want to be useful and to follow your dream, but you don’t know how.

The first thing you need to do is to change your focus and mindset by using methods and techniques to find your way. Search the Internet. Find a mentor or a guide. Plan, write things down and make your wish clear and concise. For many people, the first step will be only to FIND the goal. You need to get out of your own head by talking to someone about what you desire. This person probably won’t have all the answers, but will give you small indications and guiding methods that you can follow.

Free Online Education and Courses to Achieve Your Dreams in Life

There are a plethora of fantastic websites for free courses, education, and personal development. Try these:

Khan Academy
Interaction Design
Udemy.com (Harvard/MIT)
Treehouse (Harvard University)
Code Academy
Open Culture
Academic Earth
Stanford Online
MIT Open Courseware
Harvard Extension School
Varsity Tutors

Check these sites out! More and more people turn to these learning resources to learn exactly what they need, when they need it.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Mindset and Guidance

Out in the great wide world, we often observe celebrities, rich people and other big names that we admire. Let us ignore politicians, as the acts of the play they perform aren’t very impressive.

Instead, there are quite a few impressive and motivational personalities around the world worth following. Many wealthy people may be pompous, repulsive, and nasty. Even if they’re normal, honest, hard-working people you would have enjoyed knowing.

Do you think these people started out with a bag of money in their hands, which later increased their fortunes? Doubtful. Many of these personalities have developed a mindset that has caused them to achieve their goals and dreams. And most outstanding personalities that you read about, who have done a great deal of work, all say that a mentor or guide has been an important part of their success.

People who achieve magnificent things, whether it is your neighbor or a well-known media personality, have a “mindset” which ensures that they don’t give up. They focus so intensely on their goals, it becomes impossible for them not to become a reality. Are these people so different from you? Do they have a different type of brain in their bodies than you have?

Is it possible for you to think the same thoughts as these motivational and exciting people?

Most likely it is. The only thing you need to do is to learn the methods and ensure that you are positively and regularly influenced by a mentor who shows you the way and makes you responsible for finishing.

What’s Really My Background?

Nice of you to ask! I’ll give you a lightning quick summary:

I’m John Mac. And I come from a shitty background.

My childhood was unstable and included 32 relocations between various cities. These included living in a tent and in a motel together with my mom and my two siblings.

After a tiresome primary education, which I barely finished, I distanced myself from my mom and her drinking habits and moved in with my stepfather (he was number 5). Later, after he moved to town, I finally got the freedom to live on my own and started my life in an old house in the countryside with my dog.

I completed two years at a private school in Norway. An inept school where I was more teacher than student. During the third year there I had an office, and I started getting jobs as a web designer.

After my third job as an employee, all lasting for several years each, I quit something I couldn’t enjoy to focus fully on my business. Since then, I have built my business through immense amounts of work.

And after 17 years of martial arts, with Taekwondo as my style, I have been a trainer for 15 years. My test for 1. Dan black belt was May 14, 2001.

How to find a mentor for life

I now spend a lot of time on mentoring/coaching programs where I help people break out of awful jobs and a terrible school system. My program contains holistic mental and practical learning, together with methods for those of you who want independence and freedom with your own income.

You’re welcome to join my YouTube Tribe.

Meditation, the right mindset, clean eating, and inspiring sources of motivation is the driving force behind this lifestyle.

If I can live my life as I do now, you can too!

This is my life. I transform, adapt, and I change.

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