Why your past life matters in your current reality

Our past life often affects our current reality, whether we know it or not. In…

Why your past life matters in your current reality

Why your past life matters in your current reality

You may have wondered why you repeatedly find yourself in certain situations, why you meet certain type of people, or why you always feel the way you do. Often, our past life (or lives) play a role in the synchronicities that occur in this life.

At the end of this blog post, I’ll suggest a few books that will give you insight about your past lives and how it all connects to your current reality.

When I teach and train people about my concept of Self Mastery, I include insights about the WHOLE person—not just the reality they’re living right now. Anything less would be limiting and almost rude, reducing people down to soulless meatheads who aren’t part of something greater. Sometimes our past lives play an important role in our current reality.

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Having a holistic view and understanding of what we are and how we accumulate knowledge and traits from several lives can provide clarity about our current situation.

Church and various religions have constrained humans, making them believe they are simply physical bodies who experience life once. Oh, yeah—there MIGHT be a blissful afterlife in heaven IF you do and say the right things.


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So, why do past lives matter?

As we go through life, it seems we often have experiences that repeat themselves. This can be due to longtime “programming” linked to one of your past lives—a significant event that stood out and left an imprint on your soul, or higher self.

Or sometimes you meet a special person that instantly affects the rest of your life, and it’s like you recognise this person in some unexplainable way. You might have weird relationships with family and friends that you can’t explain. These relationships may be negative or positive.

You may react to or experience unexplainable emotions toward people, situations, or places. And you don’t know why because nothing in this life has happened that would explain the trigger.

Why do things like this happen?

Because you are the total of all your past lives. Sometimes we have strong connections and energy threads linking us to one of our other lives, affecting what happens in this life.

I think everybody is more or less affected by their past lives. We just don’t know it’s happening, and we’re not supposed to. We wouldn’t be able to handle all that information. Humans, in general, are barely able to handle their current reality.

Some people ARE aware of their past, or parallel lives. (Since time doesn’t exist.) But those are people who are curious seekers of truth and who are awakening an understanding of more of their past lives, who they are, and their existence in the cosmos.

You can dive into the story and deeper truths of who you are as a result of all your past lives. This can’t be done with simple tricks, but there are methods to go “back in time” to get a glimpse.

There is only one author I recommend people to learn more about past life stories from people in regression sessions. Check out the books from Dolores Cannon, like the one on my Instagram photo above.

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Your body may struggle from past life karma

I have read countless stories of people who struggle with both their physical and emotional well-being because they are still carrying around unfinished karma from past lives. Doctors will, of course, not understand or be able to figure out the root cause of these issues. They can see the physical symptoms, but they don’t understand the reasons for them.

So what do doctors do?

They stuff their patients with medicine, pat them on the shoulder, and say “good luck.”

The failure of western medicine is one reason people turn to regression therapy, a form of treatment that involves gentle relaxation and spoken words that lull you into a state of mind that allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

I’m just about to finish writing another post about three stories of current life struggles that were connected to a past life.

Emotional connections and past-life habits may limit your joy of life

Another reason why your past life matters is that you may have some unhealthy personal relationships. I have met several people who repeat the cycle of unhealthy relationships time and time again. Of course, very often this is simply connected to unfortunate events from childhood and adolescence. Traumatic experiences with parents, family, or friends can create ripples that spread throughout your whole life.

When diving even deeper, you may find that the reason you make these unhealthy choices is connected to karma.

When I say “unhealthy choices,” you may respond: “But I didn’t make these choices as a child!”

And you’re right. Of course you didn’t. At least not directly. But you did make a choice before you came into this life, on a soul level. Why?

When you learn more about the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, your current reality starts to make more sense. It’s all connected. Together, each of our lives is a never ending story of total growth and transformation.

The day you understand and live by this, life won’t be so dramatic, and you will have the inner peace and capacity needed to handle your circumstances in a much healthier way.

When past life regression therapy is appropriate

A lot of people are fascinated by deeper spiritual understanding, mysticism, and ancient knowledge. That doesn’t mean you should treat past life regression like a recreational sport.

You could, but don’t expect to get too much out of it. Using methods to dive into past and parallel lives may not bring about any results. Sometimes you may need three, four, or more sessions for your subconscious to get out of the way and stop blocking the session. You may not be ready for that.

But don’t worry—it’s not that regression therapy is unhealthy. You won’t be shown more than you are ready to see. Very often regression therapy is about making peace with yourself and figuring out what’s been going on in this life, possibly even since childhood.

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