Possible reasons for mental and emotional changes turbulence in the time of the New Earth.

We are in a time of great change. A massive shift. And this affects both…

Possible reasons for mental, emotional and physical turbulence

Possible reasons for mental, emotional and physical turbulence

It’s not always about you personally, and whatever is going on, directly, in your life around you. We are in a time of great change. A massive shift. And this affects both our body and mind. So a few possible reasons for mental and emotional changes could just as well be the Sun, the Moon or the Schulman resonance.

Have you felt more than normal, tired, a little down, slack, confused and moody the last months? Whatever you have experienced emotionally or physically, it may not have to do with you directly. I’m pretty sure there is nothing “wrong” with you.

I will share some examples of what people feel and experience. And I’ll then explain a few reasons for why this is happening that may give you some sense of whats going on with you.

The changes this planet is going through now will necessarily give some of us some noticeable experience of change within our self.

It’s an energy shift, and it does affect our bodies and minds

[tweet_dis]Whether you are well connected to your spiritual self, or you don’t care at all about this topic, a massive shift is currently occurring on the planet[/tweet_dis] whether you believe it, like it, or not.

Yeah, you could say that there’s always been change. Of course, everything is in constant motion. You and the rest of the cosmos is nothing but an ever-changing soup of energy. But the big changes happening now, the SHIFT in capital letters, is something else. And even more and more people are sensing and observing this in different ways. It’s been written in ancient text and told my the elders in native cultures for decades.

How to understand my body energy

I wanted to write this blog post to help you understand some of the typical things that can go on in your feelings, situations in our daily lives, and with people around us. And I would like you to consider that some of the things you feel emotionally and maybe physically doesn’t have to mean there is something wrong with you.

Something else is going on.

And since we are beings of energy, though we are physical, those changes and [tweet_dis]the powerful shift that’s happening will affect our bodies and minds[/tweet_dis].

Are the “well educated” scientists keeping up?

I guess, still, most of the people on this planet need safe and confirming proof of this “shift” from those guys in white coats and Harry Potter classes. We call them the scientist.

Well, as you may guess. I’m more into doing my own research. I’m sensing, using my intuition and observing. If you’re going to sit around and wait for the scientist to bring you the answers that will relieve this planet from its chaos and lack of understanding, you will most likely grow old and die before that happens.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Don’t wait for the scientist to bring you the answers that will relieve this planet from its chaos[/tweet_box]

But, I do know that there are well informed and educated scientist that brakes the norms and the silence on a lot of topics. What’s funny is that when the answers on some of our biggest questions that earthlings seek to understand are revealed by some of this scientist, they are suddenly ridiculed and laughed at. And their findings get treated as pseudo-science and science fiction.

Two good references I like to mention are the following sources of information.

I’m getting carried away. Let’s continue the topic of this post.

What are the usual sensations when going through a shift?

Some of the typical things that are going on can be relationship changes, family issues, sudden changes of current situation related to work or school. You may see friends or family suddenly disappear from your life in different ways. Or someone new is coming in. Even old friends way back can suddenly show up in your life.

The emotional sensations you may have to go through can be weird drops in your mood that may move you into sadness. Some days can be like insane ups and downs, and you’re not really sure whats going on. Because there is no particular reason to have these energy and emotional roller coasters happening.

This often creates confusion, mental chaos and even worse states of being. The reason for this is because there is something humans don’t understand about the current situation they are in.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Possible physical and emotional symptoms during a spiritual change.[/tweet_box]

One of the typical feelings and physical sensations worth mentioning, and which I have had many times, can be like a buzzing feeling in my body. Sometimes it’s like the hair is standing up. I have had days where my heart rate suddenly goes sky high, while not even moving at all.

I have had at least two nights where I wake up, and my whole body was fucking vibrating! I almost held on to my bed wondering what was going on. I was thinking earthquake. But it wasn’t; it was my body buzzing and vibrating. I really don’t know what that was all about.

I’m pretty stable in my daily routines and eat much of the same food every day. I do my physical activities and practice two times per day. But even then I may suddenly wake up one day and feel like a zombie. I have had days where I sit like a lobotomised cyborg on low battery, drooling on my keyboard and not being able to function at all.

When we have that kind of days, it is simply enough just to exist.

You get the urge to change things in your life suddenly

A widespread thing that I have had my self, but also observe people around me get the urge to do, is to simplify and clean out old things in their homes. Or in their lives in general. That may even be “cleaning out” past relationships, friends or family issues.

People change. Their frequency and energy changes, and thus they don’t match the old patterns anymore.

The need to go more minimalistic and to get rid of stuff has happened to several people I know. And without telling them anything, or asking questions related to my knowledge in this, I ask questions to get some confirmation. They all say that they just need to change things and remove all the old crap. Like simple things, clothes, furniture, and personal items

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]People change. Their frequency and energy changes, and thus they don’t match the old patterns anymore.[/tweet_box]

Another part of this shift-process that’s happening is that people make sudden changes to what they eat. Light and more clean food are what I see are common. And I have had that too. It’s like your body gets this urge to eat something fresher and light for the body to digest. The function of this is like having an intuitive sensation or inspiration that are compelling us to buy different kinds of food. Because that is what the body wants.

Why is this happening on this planet right now?

This planet is crazy.

And the reason is that the population is very little informed of whats really going on. If they were more self-educated, the earthlings would begin to change their behavior. One-by-one. And suddenly, when people would wake up collectively, the turmoil and near path to self-destruction would end.

Politics, religion (which is reflected in politics), and entertainment are currently this planet’s biggest chaotic arenas. It’s false, fake, misguiding, sneaky and is representing and mirroring humans collectively state of mind: Confusion.

The reason why this shift is happening now is that, collectively, humans want to upgrade, expand and return to higher state of consciousness. So the old systems, patterns, norms and all the other lower energy levels is getting repelled by the new, higher energy patters.

When it comes to our existence in a physical body on this particular planet at this point in time, people should have been taught METAPHYSICAL concepts in school! This would make them understand more of what they are so that they wouldn’t be so confused, scared, and disconnected from themselves.

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So the reason why many people get confused, scared and sometimes a little panicking from all these emotional and physical sensations during this “cosmic change,” is because they don’t know what’s going on. Again, if people where insightful (no, not from religion) about their presence on this earth, a more peaceful and delightful observation of it all would be the fact.

Well, it’s good to know that the information you need is available. Just not from your mainstream teacher or the common body of knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with you – it’s the shift affecting your physicality

So let me then share a few examples you may consider and spend some time to understand more of. Do a little research yourself and get some deeper insights into some of the things happening so you can keep this in mind for yourself and your friends when they have “weird” days.

I think you will find that the following three topics I’m referring to below is not magic or some thrilling explanations based on science fiction.

I will also add in here that I’m not always the guy adding up a whole list of scientific research, white-papers, and blueprints. If you need this, you will find them. Much of knowledge and understanding that I have collected and read through the years is, to me, very logical and fits in with many other concepts.

I don’t need the limiting minds of the scientist to awaken my body and soul. But with those that move into sharing new knowledge within metaphysical concepts, it’s alway fun to see how it merges with what we call “lost knowledge.”

You can use this information and see if helps you, or you can keep sitting on the fence waiting for scientific proof. Though, it depends again on who you rate as legit scientists. Figure it out.

The topics below, are in fact, nothing new. It’s been told by ancient cultures and sacred, lost knowledge for eons. But since humans have “lost” this knowledge, they now need scientists to tell them that this is valid, accurate, and safe to believe. The only problem is that most scientists are just as blocked off in their insights as the rest of the population.

Or, those that are not can’t let you know certain stuff, because they would be hanged and spat at in their scientific communities. And if they do brake the silence, people wouldn’t consider them to be a real scientist after all. So, they’re stuck.

The Moon affects the human body and mind

Do we really know that the monthly full moon does have an effect on the planet? It doesn’t just give us high and low tide in the oceans. But it affects the overall “intensity” on the globe.

This is especially noticeable in the major cities. It’s well known by police departments, hospitals, rescue paramedic, and birth clinics.

Well, we are energy beings. We are electrical beings. And our bodies are about 70% of water. I don’t know if this truly has an effect on us. And I don’t think there is much science directly explaining the full moon impact on the body and mind.

But I still believe that this does have an effect. Something that’s been said and told for ages. Of course, when people KNOW there is a full moon and look at it, it’s probably not a physical and energy impacted reaction directly from the moon. But the emotional impact it has on us, which collectively creates a different state of mind.

How the sun affects the body and mind

This suggestion is purely from my perspective and sensations. Either I have a sick sensation of ability to register and sense the solar energy or something else is recurrently going on.

But it happens. I had to get myself an iPhone app to monitor the sun over time to see if this was correct. I wanted to see if there was any activity after I started getting the sensations. I never wanted to keep looking at the app daily, to let that have any influence on my experience. I just used it to confirm a possibility when starting sensing the buzzing and cramped stress levels in my chest.

We are in a time where the sun has been very active and kept on shooting insane flares out in the cosmos. Often, this hits this planet and affects us. The energy is intense, and we see this as Aurora Borealis at the north and south poles of the planet. In 1859, such a storm was so strong that it set fire to and fried the telegraph lines!

These energetic charged particles are also affecting electronic gadgets and equipment, and also the satellites around the globe.

The Schumann Resonance rising- what the hell is happening?

Lett me tell you about the Schumann resonance. I find this very interesting, a little weird, and something to consider in relation these changes happening on the planet, and how we experience and sense it.

Let’s make it simple. There’s a lot of exciting information you can find elsewhere if you want to.

The Schumann resonance is a frequency range surrounding the earth. It comes from all the lightning firing off continuously around the globe, which creates an insane amount of electricity. This bounces steadily up and down between the surface of the earth and the surrounding ionosphere around the earth, about 100km from ground level.

Why is the Schumann resonance rising?

Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted this mathematically back in 1952 found a steady frequency at 7.83 Hz. This is a very low frequency and lays within the range called ELF (Extremely Low Frequency). Though this electromagnetic wave varies by seasons and also when the Sun hits the planet, the 7.83Hz is considered the fundamental background frequency. Some called it mother earth’s heartbeat.

Now, something has happened with this frequency. It’s been steady and normal for years, but around 2014 this frequency began to go up. Suddenly it started to reach levels of up to 25Hz.

But at the beginning of this year, January 2017, the Schumann resonance frequency have been measured to reach 36+ Hz! So what is this all about?

Some scientist says that the Schumann resonance frequency is something our brain has been clocking into and are synchronized with. Our brains run on different frequency “bands” depending on our state of mind. And it is changing whether we sleep or are awake. This could be worth looking into.

Is the energy and frequency of the planet rising?

The thing is that there’s been a huge storm of blog post, YouTube videos, suggestions and meanings about the Schumann frequency rising. It’s good that you didn’t hop off this blog post right before this heading because the added part here is also important.

Is this frequency really going up?

It seems hard to find good sources of information on this topic. But there are a few. Some, of course, say that the frequency is not climbing.

It’s important to be aware of that other fact about the Schumann frequency range also are spoken about. There are several Schumann frequency ranges. And the 7.83Hz is considered the base and the lowest frequency.

I think we can consider the HeartMath Institute to be one of the best sources of scientific information about human energy field. They are really getting good at understanding humans energy body, heart and brain frequencies, and how we are all synced with each other.

Rollin McCraty at the HeartMath Institute is saying that the Schumann resonances are not rising, that they have been steady all along.

But looking at HeartMath’s live data feed for the GCMS Magnetometer Schumann Resonances Power, and scaling this data down to cover one full year, to me it clearly looks like there are not just spikes, but a clear visible higher overall frequency range.

I will leave it with that for the Schumann resonance. I would suggest for you to look into other sources of information on what this planet is going through now. This would be metaphysical concepts that most likely would tie nicely in and give answers to some of the changes we observe.

Again, I wanted to point to you some possible reasons for why you are experiencing changes in your life right now. And that whatever mental, emotional, and physical symptoms you feel this year may very well be something outside affecting you. So, you’re not going insane.

Our galaxy moving into a new area in the cosmos

I just wanted to mention this without spending too much time on this topic in this blog post. It is being said that our planet and the whole galaxy is moving into a new area of the cosmos. We are moving into a place where the energy and charged particles, you could say, are much higher.

Is this part of the reason the frequency of the planet is rising? That would make sense. Everything this moving. Everything we know as physical, all matter and all energy are in constant motion.

If you want to find out more about the last part here about us moving into a new area in the cosmos, there are two sources I would recommend dive into.

When beginning to look into things and do your own education, you will get answers and connect the dots.

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