Practicing Mindfulness: How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Here’s how people are practicing mindfulness and making changes to their dreams and goals by…

Practicing Mindfulness: How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Practicing Mindfulness: How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Practicing mindfulness is a hot topic. Finally, being mindful is becoming common practice. Maybe that’s because scientists have confirmed the healthy benefits of mindfulness. But what does mindfulness have to do with staying focused on your goals?

In this short post, we’ll talk about how mindfulness can benefit your daily life, your habits, and your goals—whatever they might be.

Mindfulness is not a new discovery, but in this world of chaos, noise, and humans fighting like children, we perceive the practice as being a rediscovery.

Mindfulness, like meditation, zen practices, deep inner work, visualisation, breathing techniques, and other rituals, is ancient knowledge. What conservatives call “New Age” is less the invention of hippies and more this knowledge’s reemergence on the planet.

And for good reason. There are many positive changes happening now. This shift affects our inner world, including our emotions, thoughts, interests, and understanding.

Goals you may have had are changing and what used to be important to you isn’t anymore.

So what are your goals?

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People are making changes to their priorities, dreams, and goals because they are choosing a path that is more in tune with their truth. This is where mindfulness comes in. If you want to make sure you tune in, synchronise, and align with your inner self—your truth—you must create new daily rituals to ensure they come about.

Practicing mindfulness is about self-discovery and clarity

I’m often using myself as an example. I, as the rebel of societal norms that I am, have made having the freedom to do what I love my mission.

About three years ago, I had to make some changes to my online business. Not because it wasn’t going well but because I was making the same changes I described above. I had new values to attend to.

Going back to a shitty educational system or working for some random boss was not even an option.

I decided to get back into coaching, training, personal development, and tuning of people who want to upgrade their lives and leave the old norms behind.

One of the MAIN ways I found peace and focus was through meditation. It’s the ONE thing that made me calm enough to focus, and it’s been my path to finding clarity and sharpness.

You have a physical body and an energy body. Which one do you think comes first?

There’s a famous eastern proverb used often in martial arts . . .

The mind moves the body—that’s why

Sweet. But what moves the mind?

Your mind operates, in part, based on past experiences. But you are more than that. Holy shit, you are so much more than that.

Consider your higher self, your soul level, your energy body with strands attached to all-that-is.

That “inner landscape” is who you REALLY are. And that comes first. The mind and body follow. To work with, discover, and connect with that deeper part of you, you must have some methods in place to do so.

Practicing mindfulness will help you calm down so you can find the peace and energy to focus. Focus is important to make sure you connect with a deeper meaning and purpose for your life.

Why would you invest your time and energy in something that you’re not really passionate about?

Mindfulness will also help you see the path toward your goals and dreams more clearly.

Practicing mindfulness takes many shapes

If you are interested in mindfulness, then you’ve probably looked into meditation. This is just one method we can use to mindfully disconnect in order to reconnect.

Meditation works because when we close our eyes, we block off that input channel and focus inward.

Breathing techniques are usually combined with meditation, which has a positive impact on your nervous system and body. As you practice meditation, paying close attention to breathing techniques can help you focus inward.

In this video I talk about why getting into nature will balance and keep you focused.

But practicing mindfulness is about being, well, mindful. And you know what? You enter that state in subtle ways more or less every day. Practicing mindfulness can also be:

  • Taking a walk in the forest (without a cell phone or music)
  • Sitting in stillness in a garden and observing your surroundings
  • Sitting by the ocean and being lulled by the waves
  • Sitting in front of a crackling fire, which is very effective for me
  • Nurturing and pruning a bonsai tree

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, I strongly believe in making mindfulness practices part of your routine.

Meditating every now and then will not impact your life.

Make mindfulness part of your lifestyle.

The day you make practicing mindfulness part of your routine, you already HAVE changed.

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