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Sell Your Services Online AND Make An Income

It’s a no-brainer. You’ve got some skills and qualities that you could charge money for. Why not figure out and learn how to promote your services online, have people pay you, and then you can live happily ever after?

On Sunday, I went out to shoot a drone video to promote my girl’s website services. Yeah, we’re next level around here!

Whether you want to earn another stream of income or quit your job entirely, I’m here to tell you that you can and should sell your services online. How? By setting up a simple website and learning how to promote your product, you could be on your way to work freedom faster than you thought.

How I Helped Marbella

Sell Your Services Online AND Make An Income

My girlfriend came to Norway about three months ago, so we could live and work on our dreams together. Of course... She got some benefits of having a Web Designer and workflow coach as a boyfriend!

I helped build out her new online platform so that she can write articles and offer services on her own online hub, while maintaining full control of her own message and business.

The truth is that setting all of this up is not hard, and it’s a very low investment as a place to promote yourself and your skills. I designed her WordPress website using the awesomeDivi” Theme. A simple, magical, theme package from Elegant Themes to build your blog or business website. Divi is a visual website builder for WordPress, and I use it for all my personal and client projects.

Marbella is now writing her blog articles and publishing them on her website. And by using royalty free images, she is producing very slick and good looking website articles that promote her services and message.

Use Video Content To Promote Your Services Online

Remember above when I said I used a drone to film video for my girl’s website on Sunday? Yeah, Sunday was a great day. The sun was shining, and instead of spending this boring day at home, we went out with some of my camera gear and shot some video for her website. She will be offering meditation services, both classes and private video calls.

I wanted to shoot some drone views to promote her services online and on her website.

This is something you can do also. Maybe you don’t own a drone right now, but so many other people do. Simply by figuring out who in your network may know someone that has a drone, you could easily get some nice drone footage, if that’s appropriate for what you want to promote.

If not, I bet you got a mobile phone?

Use that and do some short segments of video presenting yourself, your skills, and your service. Combine shots with you in the frame, places relevant for your promotion, and close ups (plus some B-rolls of your product or service).

In case you didn’t know, video B-roll is various cut-in shots to sprinkle into your video.

Mobile phones these days have great quality HD video, and that is perfect for your website. When you’re done with the video, use a streaming service like Vimeo to upload the video and embed it into your website.

Tip: Don’t upload the video directly into WordPress! Your hosting provider may not like that over time... So it’s always better to embed video using a video streaming service like Vimeo or YouTube.

Check out the video below on how the results for our Sunday drone shots came out:

How To Promote Your Services Online On A Website

I want you to sit down with a pen and paper to make a quick brainstorming sketch for yourself. If you need help with this whole package, from brainstorming, to planning and technical setup. You can reach out to me. This is what I do!

This should be your go-to checklist when setting up your services online:

  • Brainstorm your skills and what you could charge for
  • Get quality hosting for WordPress (but not expensive) via Siteground
  • Set up a simple and good looking website using Divi Theme on WordPress
  • Make sure visitors can sign up to your email list. Use ConvertKit for that, you’ll love it and actually use it.
  • Create a free Stripe account and connect it to a payment form
  • Use FormCraft to build beautiful forms (also supporting Stripe + +)

These are the main steps on how you can offer and promote your physical, digital, or online services on your own platform. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in a startup company. Your website is your business!

Also, Marbella wrote her first eBook for her specific audience, and it’s doing well! So I want you to think about your top skills as the best version of yourself, and compare what you can do to the results for Marbella’s website. Think about how you could create something similar for yourself, with your own branding, colors, and service.

Please subscribe to the work I do for you over on YouTube. I’ll be sharing more films on how to take control of your life, level up to Self Mastery, and live in freedom and happiness.

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