Success without education: The less spoken topic

You got a job? Going to school? Are you just roaming around not knowing what…

Success without education

The less spoken topic of success without education

Where are you in your life right now? I would be happy to get some comments below on this. You got a job? Going to school? Are you just roaming around not knowing what to do or how to do what you should or would like to do? Anyway, I’m here to tell you that you can have a huge success without education. One without a big pile of student loan dept. So if you’re down and infected with the illusion of the False Success Path, read on.

I’m writing about one of my most interesting topics, something that gets me into conversations with people if triggered. It actually fires me up, because I’m overly convinced, or just KNOW that people can have both success, health and wealth in life -without attending any formal education or special training.

[tweet_box] “If you didn’t go to school, or didn’t complete it for whatever reason, your life is not over!”[/tweet_box]

It pisses me off that a lot of people seem to lost their hope for what they, or someone else defines as success and well being in life, just because they didn’t complete years of education.

Yeah, I’m a rebel, such a baaaad one too. Most people, even close friends, find themselves in silence or find an opportunity to have a little laugh about my comments and opinions on this subject, and roll their eyes from what I’m advising them on, whatever. It confirms only their blindness. I guess one can become like that from too much school.

The protective behaviorism of academics

It seems sometimes that there might be some kind of magical evil spell seeping into the minds of students as they walk through the hallways of established learning faculties. A mysterious programming that becomes a part of the their behavior and establishes an easily offended and limited mindset. Almost like having the walls of the very fine architectural and pompous building complexes encapsulating their mind for years to come.

They become sore and very easily hurt by anything that confronts or threatens their status, tests and years of learning. No matter how wrong, outdated and limiting their newly acquired facts and figures are. This especially happens when you have highly educated students getting out of the academic-cap hall of fame and not getting a job or discovering that their newly obtained knowledge does not work in the real world, or worst case: Is totally wrong.

I’m not ditching ALL education, but hell, look at all the changes happening on this planet related to both learning techniques and what actually is being taught. There’s a reason for this rally , and more and more people are waking up to understand that something is not working for the new world.

[tweet_box] “The ladder from education to Success Mountain is falling apart.”[/tweet_box]

I really understand the anger and fear of people discovering what the case really is when the ladder from education to Success Mountain is falling apart.

When un-educated earns more that a well educated

You know, I have see many uneducated and work-from-home people earning A LOT more than a doctor or lawyer ever will, not having any formal education. Even with recurring income. Income while you sleep. To good to be true you think? Hmf, do your Google search.

Of course, it depends on what your dreams are.

If your dream really is to be a lawyer, doctor and astronaut, you have to educate yourself. This blog post will probably not be for you then. I would certainly not see a doctor who just read a few books and watched videos on YouTube.

But, we are in 2015. I’m not really sure what I would do anymore…

I have really seen a lot of fucking useles,s well educated doctors. They got no respect from me no matter how awesome grades they have. But you know, very often it’s not about the individual, it’s the system and the well established norms they go through that are limiting them.

I very often mention Steve Jobs story, because it’s one of many examples of how success can be built even if you drop out of school just after six months. You think he earned more than a doctor or lawyer?

I think so. And he worked his passion.

Does your dreams and goals REALLY need years of school to get there?

So I’m here to tell you something. I’m pretty sure that HALF of you reading this blog post don’t need to sacrifice years of your life in school and end up with a pile of debt to be able to do what you really are meant for in life.

Find success without education!

I have met a lot of people. And after talking to so many clients, students of mine, and people in general I know that A LOT of those could create their OWN magical and awesome future without needing to obtain a specific title or grade! Holy shit… but there won’t be any of this magic while limitation is rules.

They just need to get out of the old illusion of what creates happiness, wealth and “success”.

I was talking on a podcast interview just a couple of weeks ago about all the things I have done, experienced, learned and created through the years. I summed up everything, and I told him in the end: I have never gone to any school for anything of this.

In fact. I have educated myself in everything I have done, and I still do.

Does any client of mine care about my past grades? Before a client wants a job done, either Web Design, graphic design, consulting or any other technical work, OR my Life Coaching sessions. You think anybody ask what my final grades are?

And when it comes to Life Coaching, I can promise you this: With the state of this planet the way it is now, and the current status of the Collective Mind, you won’t find any conventional school or factually teaching, that gives anything of what I speak of in my coaching sessions.

[tweet_box] “My dreams doesn’t need a title or grades to be fulfilled. They need awareness and the right mindset.”[/tweet_box]

My dreams, my goals, do not need a title or grades to be fulfilled. They need awareness and the right mindset.

Decide to support your own self-education!

I have a phrase I like using. I suggest you write it down and hang it on your bathroom mirror:

“Humans are Masters of Limitation”…

True words, I see it everyday. You may not have that perspective, so you won’t see it yet, sorry, but if you play your thoughts and mindset right, you will see.

The idea is that this should trigger you to think “this is NOT me”. If you do this every day, you will have a change of mindset which will benefit your willingness to be self helped and self educated. Coming with a new success mindset.

And then a shift will happen with you. You might even fall into a category of humans having an extraordinary ability to FIGURE THINGS OUT. If you just set your mind to Do, Complete, make-happen or figure-things-out state of mind. Awesome things will occur.

Like I have said before, ALL education is not crap, and it’s not getting education in itself that’s wrong. Of course it’s good, and important, but right now it’s the framework in which humans gets educated, along with the some of the content and the false guarantees of a happy result. That end with the tragic feeling being very uncertain on what it’s really worth.

So, let’s say you decide to take matters in your own hands. You have a secret wish, a dream. You realize that a wish can last for ever unless you actually set goals. And you figure out that your dream, the idea you have for a product, an offer, your skills is something that you actually can work out by just teaching yourself. Then you sit down to do some research and find out that many people have done this before you, and you start to build motivation from the confirmations and proof you discover.

Finally, you find out that there are SO many different cool places you can teach yourself new skills, just picking what you would really ENJOY learning instead of being forced through a whole lot of crap you don’t need and don’t have any passion for.

Sources for self education: Now choose based on YOUR passions

What would you like to know more about today? Here’s a few of my suggestions to check out.

Math, science or economics? Go to Kahn Academy

Many things: Check out EdX (By Harvard and MIT

WordPress, programming, mobile apps development. Check out Treehouse

That’s just 3 good examples. I have been at MIT/edX myself. Awesome teachings.

The create-yourself state of mind

I remember while listening to one of Lewis Howes podcasts last year where a guy talked about mindfulness and meditation. He said that in the US, some schools have in fact started practicing meditation for the kids. The result was that they started to improve and impress in school! (Surprising)

This is also one way that you can decide to improve your brain and yourself. There are so many other beneficial things we humans really should integrate in our lives that would just enhance or awesomeness.

To choose to have this knowledge and belief that you can teach yourself A LOT of things, and in fact just figure things out will totally change your life. One very important reminder on this. Be sure to connect with your true self, and not what other people like friends or family expect from you.

You think I have met many students that are struggling because they started a wrong career path?

I know that discovering yourself and getting to really know who you are, what your core skills might be or what your true passion is, can be really hard. But there are methods to figure this out.

Would you like me to help you?

One of the things that really fire me up is when I see people changing and wanting to make a shift. Especially when they decide that they CAN. It can often be hard to get into this mindset alone, and also figure out our passion, skills and true self.

I help people with that.

If this blog post hits you, that’s awesome. If you want us to connect and start something new for you, there are 3 options. I’ll end this post telling you how.

  1. For direct connection, where we have a chat together, book an appointment with me
  2. Se if the Monthly Vigor Mentorship program would fit you
  3. Or just sign up to my e-mail. I give everyone my workbook for how to find your passion. You’ll get it in your email right away.

So, all the best to you, and I hope you find your very own success in life.

I have spoken.