The Powerful Purpose of Synchronicity With Another Person

Have you had any brief moments or weird meetings with random people, which afterward leaves…

The purpose of Synchronicities

Synchronicity with another person leaves us with a rush of emotions and questions—why and how did this happen? Those brief interactions or strange meetings that happen at random with strangers and leave you with a mysterious and profound feeling of either purpose or a sense of recognition. So I’m sure you’re thinking, “what is the purpose of synchronicity with strangers?”

I Have Experienced Synchronicity with Strangers

Maybe you’ve been traveling or you’re sitting on a bus on the way to town, and you bump into someone who strikes up a conversation. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafe and you connect with the stranger sitting nearby… A chance encounter that leaves you with an inner sense of purpose, recognition, and reconnection. An unexplainable feeling in your body.

Purpose of synchronicity with another person

I have experienced many synchronicities. And often, I believe they happen for a reason. Otherwise, they wouldn’t leave me with these powerful sensations. They might be synchronicities created by your higher self.

Here’s a story about one of those moments:

The Sad Drunken Father

Though I’ve experienced many synchronicities with strangers, they don’t always leave me with a distinct feeling. Other times there are incidents I will never forget, whether they’re short meetings, long conversations, or moments that end in a blink of an eye.

Some years ago, after a client meeting for a web design project in Oslo, Norway, I took the tram back down to the city. I walked from the client’s office until I found the stop sign for the tramline, hoping I would find the right line. I had never done that before, and I had no clue where to go.

When I approached the tram stop, I could see an elderly man standing by the edge of the tramline. He was a little shabby and sad looking. I can handle all kinds of people, but I hoped that this guy wouldn’t start causing trouble or strike up a conversation full of negative energy. I stood there for a moment, looking like a lost tourist. The sad-looking man, who I now remember as the “Johnny Cash Guy,” looked at me and asked:

“Where ya going?”

He was American. And I’m not kidding, I have seen no one who so closely resembled the late and famous Johnny Cash. Ever. His look, his voice, his act, and his behavior—it all screamed Johnny Cash. For a moment, the resemblance caught me off guard. But then I told him I was hoping to get back to the city center.

“Okay, sure. Stay with me, and I’ll show you the way.”

The tram came, and we went on it. He walked in first, and he said to the driver, “Family to the city center.” I didn’t have any cash on me, only a credit card. I said nothing, but after we took our seats, I told him I didn’t know how to pay him back.

“Nevermind. We gotta help each other . . .”

I noticed then that he had been drinking. He smelled like he was covered in beer. I also sensed that this guy had a dark, sad, and heavy mind. Our talk confirmed this. He shared a little of his history—some sad facts about the US that bothered him and something about the Mexican border. Suddenly, he pushed the stop button and stood up.

“I’m going to visit my daughter today. It’s her birthday . . .”

I was lost in the moment of this situation, of our talk, still trying to process my feelings about this soul I just met. I had a hard time coming up with a suitable response, so I wished him luck. Then he was gone. The intense sensation it left me with after he disappeared was a mix of surprise, sadness, and the desire to send this man healing and good intentions for his day with his daughter, for the rest of his life. I haven’t forgotten him.

It’s a feeling that will stick with me forever, like something was carved into me that day. I still have the powerful feeling that there’s something more to this moment with this man.

The Meaning of Synchronicity with Another Person

The Powerful Purpose of Synchronicity With Another Person

What does synchronicity with another person mean?

I believe there is purpose and divine order in the chaos that unfolds in our lives. EVERYTHING is energy, at all levels, and everything is in sync, from the metaphysical to the physical realities. Understand that and you’ll feel less resistance in your experience of life by letting these possibilities be open to you.

Everything is in constant motion, even rocks. Our lives don’t seem meaningful at all times, but they are. Even random meetings with other conscious beings, both people we know and complete strangers, happen for a reason.

Sometimes, when we have one of these unexpected meetings with a stranger, we analyze the interaction from every angle.

What just happened? Why did it happen? Who was that person?

What is the Purpose of Synchronicity with Another Person?

After each time I have these weird encounters, I wonder about the purpose of synchronicity with another person.

1. A past or parallel life connection your higher-self recognizes.

Sometimes we meet people we can’t stand for no reason. And sometimes we meet people that we totally connect with deeply, without knowing why. That connection doesn’t have to translate into an intimate or sexual relationship, but there’s a connection that goes beyond those we experience with other people. Sometimes we recognize the person subconsciously, on a higher level. We “click” and match each other with no resistance.

Since we don’t only live ONE life but come back to this reality to continue our learning, we are bound to synchronize and reconnect with souls from our past lives eventually.

In a past life, this person may have been a partner, friend, mother, sister, rapist, murderer, lover, or some other meaningful connection that causes you to “remember” them in the present. That’s why we experience these profound sensations that leave us with unexplainable emotions.

The purpose of these chance meetings might be to teach each other something. Maybe the meeting was for YOU to understand something, or maybe it was about the other person having an important experience. Both of you may have made an agreement to meet again in this life, which created this synchronicity when the time was right.

Don’t start over-analyzing. Instead, trace your steps back to those initial feelings or emotions you experienced. What feelings did the interaction leave you with?

These synchronistic events may also lead to new relationships. When two individuals have reached a certain growth level, the universe arranges for you to meet. Most people think of these situations and events as random and think of themselves as being lucky.

2. A person matching your current state of being and energy level.

You change and you upgrade on a soul level. This means you make unique choices than you might have in the past. Choices about food, clothing, places you go, interests, and especially the people you spend time with.

This means that you WILL, and sometimes should, choose mindfully to “shake up” your personal network of individuals and friends. Often this will happen automatically. Sometimes without you understanding why. When this rise in energy level happens to you, it’s like turning the dial on a radio to a higher frequency. What happens when you do that? You receive and experience whatever’s playing on that higher frequency range, and all the other stations on lower frequencies disappear. It’s the same with people.

When this shift happens, new people will appear in your life, matching that change of frequency and your “new self.” What’s the reason for these meetings? Sometimes I find it’s random. By this, I mean that there is a difference between a REASON and a MEANING.

  • The REASON you experience these synchronicities is that you are matching new people who exist in your new frequency range.
  • MEANING comes into play when those synchronicities serve a higher purpose, when the person you meet comes into your life as part of a bigger agenda.

3. An enlightened soul who nudges you in the right direction.

Sometimes these meetings and experiences are with well-educated souls who enter your life for a reason. These individuals can be all ages. But they have an energy level, confidence, inner knowing, and clarity that makes them capable of “seeing” you on a different level.

And there they are, suddenly showing up and talking to you like they already know everything.

This kind of experience can leave you a little euphoric, lost, fog-minded, or irritated. You might even feel you’ve fallen in love. How this synchronicity with another person happens is not something we should spend too much time dwelling on, but be thankful for. I believe it’s smooth quantum level machinery making these interactions happen naturally.

They aren’t orchestrated by any divine being or spirit, but the automated math of the matrix. But sure, there might be divine beings following us and making these interactions happen.

Those beings might be deceased family members, friends, or even your dog. It is said that when there is powerful love involved between two individuals and entities, a long-lasting presence and connection can follow you.

Examples of Synchronicities and A Divine Plan

This is a deep and touching subject for many, and there are many more things I could include. But I’ll leave those stories for later.

Below are a few tips if you find this topic interesting. It’s good for you to expand your insights into this matter. You can also find public scientific studies showing that the matrix we live in is in fact in sync. It’s rare that I recommend a TV show as inspiration, but it happens.

FOX TV Series, Touch (2012)

Watch a few episodes of the drama series Touch and consider what it might tell us.

You can find out more about Touch here.

The Global Consciousness Project

You probably won’t spend too much time on this site. Few people have heard about this project. But it’s good to know a little about what’s going on. Roger Nelson started the Global Consciousness Project from Princeton University. He and his team of researchers have gotten a lot of attention over the years.

Global Consciousness Project echo dot

In short, the project is running 65-70 RNG (Random Number Generators) in different locations around the planet. All these random numbers are being fed into one computer that analyzes the data. They have found that where significant events occur on this planet, like the death of Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and 9/11, the number of data does not appear at random.

What’s even more interesting is that these changes in the number on the graphs change BEFORE the event happens. Telling us that the human consciousness on this planet is connected and synchronized. Check out the project website here.

I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences and meetings with random people. Share your stories below!

Before I go, I will leave you with this:

Consider being more mindful of your life and how it plays out. Monitor and evaluate every new situation or random meeting with new people. Be in the flow, and you might see the numbers align for you!

What’s your story?