The power of your higher self VS your wishes for life

You know, sometimes in life, you have probably felt that everything is just a struggle.…

The power of your higher self

Your wishes for life VS the power of your higher self

You know, sometimes in life, you have probably felt that everything is just a struggle. You got goals, dreams and a grand plan for what you would like to accomplish. But everything goes straight to hell. For me, many years ago, I developed a nasty mindset because of this. But you know, sometimes The power of your higher self might have a plan overpowering your own defined goals.

I got thoughts like, “I’m not meant to succeed” -why does this happen to me! So I started to educate myself. And now I understand that sometimes, there’s a higher agenda that I shouldn’t fight.

Where I come from helps me know why I’m here

Let’s just say I’m an observer of the animated play out on this planet. I come from a different “space”, and I basically think the humans are crazy. Just like the example I mentioned in this blog post about “Why am I changing” I know I’m here for a reason. Even with all the shit that’s been happening when I was a kid

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As I move into new times, I meet more and more people like myself. It’s like we’re clustering together more and more. Meeting on our plane of existence.

But through the last years, I have had the need to distance myself from both people, places, what society usually do as daily habitual rituals. From bad food, insane entertainment, poor habits and small-talk only resulting in missing time.

I’m jus not connecting the norms or the mediocre and the low expectations of life. By being this “rebel” and outsider, I started many years ago to connect more and more with what, why and how for our existence on this planet. I had a gravitational pull against more metaphysical and esoteric knowledge.

This soul researching educated me on a level I could recognize and resonate with. Now I see. And it’s more like remembering, than learning something new.

But not everyone remembers or learns enough about life’s deeper, intricate, and mystical were. Insights that would in fact benefit and empower their own lives. Clear the fog.

So they live by default and push on, and this creates resistance.

When progress in life develops resistance, re-think

If you just live life by default or if you in fact do have a defined plan and wishes for your future and success, you can for sure progress and totally be in the flow. And usually, with the right mindset, we will be in the flow. With the right mindset and attitude towards smaller struggles and bumps on the road, you won’t be pushed off the edge.

But there are times (I’m sure you have felt) that things are not working out for us at all. These times can either be just through our daily lives or for some goals we have set for our self.

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When these recurring struggles keep showing up, something about your life is energetically not aligned. You know, it’s like driving a car along a smooth road, but after some time we go over the edge, and everything becomes so bumpy and rough, almost unbearable. And we can’t even see why!

I’m thinking about bigger topics like getting a job, choice of education, being in partnership with someone we love, or some project we are working. Oh, and it can of course just be about life in general also.

Sometimes, the little earthlings DO know they are driving off-road, but won’t reposition their car to have a smoother ride again. Either it’s too painful or too scary.

There might be a higher agenda that you have planned out

When something is not working out over time even after restarting, trying again and struggling with it, you might want to consider understanding that this is maybe not meant to be.

You have lived before. And you set a plan before respawning.

You were going to live again. You have had several lives, and you will have more lives coming because you will always exist in some form.

If this is a new insight for you, I understand how this might sound weird. Reincarnation NOT some common understanding many places in this world. Instead, religion has taught you to believe something else.

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To me, this is natural. Having had several lives is the reason we’re not learning something new, but instead remembering.

I’m not going to spend time on explaining a lot of facts or insights about this process. But to give you a very small detail worth considering:

You chose this life for a reason. You even chose your own parents for a reason. No matter how loco and insane that may sound because your parents sucked, you did this choice. So, why did you choose them?

I’m a content believer that our lives are being played out with a purpose. There is no mistake in the perfection of the Universe, even though our EXPERIENCE of life can suck some times. For some, the signs of the life events as they unfold and the “red thread” through the years, are very clear. Even though you don’t see that. And it might take years until a revelation hits you.

She nearly killed me – But I knew it was part of the plan

For me, to find a relationship with a female human being was always a hopeless project. Girls weren’t hard to find, but meeting someone worth investing in was like looking for a diamond in the forest.

I got killed a few years ago. Yet, I’m still here. I had found the most charismatic, energy-matching and beautiful girl on the planet! It was my second relationship.

We had a wonderful connection. At times, almost intuitively and telepathic. A girl with a beautiful face, loving energy and an intelligent mind.

Over five years ago she left for a vacation. I never saw her again. I died, turned into a plain-crash and have been missing her since.

Her mother tricked her with the flighticket back home four times, and she was stuck. Now, she totally lost her magnificence, her status, and respect. My beautiful girl that I always talked warmly and often openly bragged about walked straight into bad karma and got a bad rumor.

Now THAT is hard sit back and watch at a distance.

During a Skype call one winter day five years ago, she told me her trip back to Norway won’t happen. It was over. I cried like a kid.

But after the call, I instantly remember some thoughts from a few experiences we had. And I knew; This was part of the plan. We were meant to split at some point. At least for a time.

When life decides for you and you feel lost

If it wasn’t for me and my understanding of my life’s agenda, being left alone again like this would have turned out much worse. I mean, it was dreadful. But at least I’m alive.

My advice to you that find life’s sudden changes and unexpected happenings shocking and you don’t agree with it. Know this…

You are being born into a physical body operating in this 3D planet, momentarly disconnected from remembering your TRUE self and your devine plan. Know that you are not just your body and brain.

Before you came into this excistence, you probably had a bigger picture and a purpose for this life. That includes orchestrating big happenings that can be both experienced as negative and positive.

Maybe someone is dying, leaving you, you’re losing a leg, doing stupid things. It can all be part of a plan.

Consider the option that YOU chose what happens to you, and so you are therefore responsible no matter what. Don’t be mad at the universe, God or some other evil negative entity.

Re-set, rethink and replan.

So, I have spoken about it.