The story about a little boy

So, once upon a time, a little boy lost his father the day he was…

Story about a little boy

Story about a little boy

So, once upon a time… A little boy lost his father the day he was 1 year old. He just left. At least that was what his mother told him.

A new stepfather came into his life, treating him fine. But the boy was afraid of him very often, because he beat his mother. Through the years, as he grew up, he got one good looking little brother and a cute little sister.

When the boy was around six years old, his daily morning routine was to act as the father of his little brother and sister, because…

What happened next through the years was a lot of moving around, and his stepfather traveled a lot in his work. The boy’s mother began a relationship with alcohol, then. Often from a coffeecup to hide it.

A new divorce came up, and the little boy was now living at an old farmhouse with his mother, brother and sister. His mother dragged another unbalanced, drunk, car salesman into the house one day.

It happened a couple of times that the boy would be waiting shit-scared in the living room window sill, waiting for days for his mother to come home.

Years went by, and they moved again. They moved often. In total, they moved 32 times, including living in a tent. And one time for free at a highway motel. Just because the owner was nice. Each day after school, they was fed in the motel cafeteria.

One day their mother decided to move back to their hometown where some family resided. After a while, the town welfare care had them relocated into one of the city’s two old hospital buildings. They got the white building where the patients with the worst diseases where cared for. But most died.

The boy, now about 10 years old had never had as much nightmares as while living in this house.

While living here, it was common for his mother to hand him written notes for him to walk over to the neighbours or friends with. Asking to borrow money.

But, they had some nice times also.

While their mother was not out drinking, they watched movies together. Being only 10 at this time, the boy doesn’t seem to remember much. He got a long stretch of black holes in his timeline memory.

But he never forgets the emotional scenes with the alien coming out of the space ship in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

They moved again. This time into a better house. One day when the boy came home, a new stepfather had moved in. He was nice, at first. But he wasn’t safe. And the boys mother started drinking more heavily.

Soon, cancer was about to approach for his mothers worn out and tired body. And, with too much drinking going on, the boy, now about 14 years old, moved away with his stepfather. His little brother also came along later. His new stepfather turn imbecile while drinking booze.

He didn’t care when this happened

One day the stepfather tried to kill himself with pills and alcohol. The boy didn’t care.
Soon, the boy’s little sister got caught by child welfare. So now, their mother has lost all her kids, and was left to her drinking and struggle with cancer.

One other night, while his stepfather tried to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun, the boy avoided this by suggesting to go for a drive. He got his driver’s licence by now.

Time went by, and luckily his last stepfather decided to move away. They boy, 18 years old now, had to find his own place for the first time. He moved into an old shitty house together with is dog. With squeaky sounds in the windows, the curtains blowing from the wind outside and rain coming into his living room ceiling.

This was a time where the boy finally could create his own peace and hopefully make the right decisions going forward.

It was a sad, scary time, with not much family around. But better times approached.

They boy got reunited with his little sister more and more, and they stay in touch now. One day, they went to the hospital together to visit their mother. She died there in the bed while his little sister held her hand.

It was sad, because their brother couldn’t be there. By now, he was a drug addict living on the street.

You may find it strange that…

This boy never really complained about his childhood days. Neither him, his brother or little sister ever complained about all the other terrifying moments, unspoken events of fear, and all the worries stored in their mind for years.

Though, there are other pretty nasty things from his past not to be mentioned here, the boy tries to find find purpose and reason for why things in his life should happen the way it did.

Now, today, this guy, his sister and their brother only have each other. Their brother is still a drug addict. He lost his childhood from when he was 13.

Now, the boy and his sister stay in touch. Though his sister remembers a lot of things from their childhood…

I do not.

Yes, this little boy was me. And this is my blog.

I’m minding my own business. And I mind others too. Especially those who have similar starting points in life or who’s refusing to blindly be led on the traditional path to “success”.

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