22 Uncommon Methods for Great Success in Life

If you feel like you don’t belong in the societies messy picture, and, instead, you…

Uncommon methods to success in life

Uncommon methods to success in life

Picture the world from a distance: the madness, wars, and conflicts, down to the ways, both big and small, clever earthlings deceive and harm themselves. If you feel like you don’t belong in this picture, if, instead, you seek a dash of magic, higher purpose, and a network of people who support your biggest dreams—you’re not alone.

Let’s bring out the looking glass of truth and pull back the veil for a peek at a brighter, fulfilling future. Because let’s be honest, societal norms vibrate on a noisy, low frequency.

More and more people do. That’s why they are here, reading this post. They want to discover alternative paths to success—methods and tools they can easily incorporate into their daily lives.

What Does Success Look Like In Your Life and How Do You Define It?

Before I reveal 22 uncommon methods for a successful life, we need to discuss what success means to you.

Most people want to be happy, but happiness looks different to everyone. Some find happiness in small and simple things like waking up to a hot meal every day. For others, happiness means making time for hobbies, like playing an instrument or painting landscapes. And sometimes, people associate happiness with larger goals—specific life experiences, like having a child, or business milestones, for example.

These are often external goals, but most people are born with or later develop traits that set them apart from others in some way. These attributes determine much of who we are, dictating our interests, favorite foods, taste in music—they influence our behavior and the skills we carry with us in our personal tool belts. Often without even realizing it.

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The challenge in the current state of the world is that it’s hard for many talented people to nurture those special qualities and put them to use following conventional paths.

Everybody has the right to dream. Our innermost desires and goals have the ability to expand our minds and help us determine the right path to take, allowing us to feel accomplished, happy, and fulfilled. I believe everyone has the ability to reach this point—to fulfill their dreams. But how do we get there?

Too many people block their path to success before they even start the journey. Our present is often dictated by past events and experiences. But your past doesn’t have to define your present any more than you allow it to.

Here are two things to take note of:

  1. Your past dictates what you think is real or possible. If your past is blocking your progress, it can be changed.
  2. If present-day educational and employment models do not fit your lifestyle, there are better ways to achieve your dreams.

Present-Day Methods For Success May Not Be For You

Being “successful” today often means having a specialized education, culminating with a fancy degree to hang up on the wall where everyone can see it. After the system has tested and validated you, you become an accepted member of society. The concept is simple enough, but the reality is not working out so well.

Being successful is too often accredited to having the right (re: a lot of) amount of money or wearing the right clothing. To riding low and slow in a luxurious vehicle or mingling with the right people.

This is a misunderstanding in full bloom. A lot of people THINK they are successful because they have all these things—and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem occurs when those things make you believe:

  • That since you have money and stuff, THAT is what defines your success. You can wear a suit, have a fistful of dollars, and still be an asshole.
  • That you need the title, the riches, or the status to have society accept you as someone who is successful.

Let’s make something clear about having luxury cars and money in the bank—those things are not BAD. Many people dream of having at least some of these things.

But it’s important to ask yourself WHY you want them. What does “success” mean anyway? If you’re happy, content, and fulfilled, have you not succeeded?

22 Uncommon Methods to Reach Success

I’m reaching out to people like myself who define success and fulfillment in ways other than what’s common. The world often looks a little different to us, and in turn, the way we look at our own bodies, minds, and spirits is different too.

The point is not to aim your sights on a life of wealth and luxury, but to be mindful of the fact that the traditional methods of achieving that lifestyle no longer apply to everyone.

[tweet_dis]The following list covers some uncommon methods, ways of thinking, and practical routines that, together, will create a positive impact on your life[/tweet_dis]. By learning them and living by them, you will reach a higher level of Self Mastery. Proudly incorporate these insights into your life and become a natural leader!

1. Purify your drinking water, and make it a habit.

Most people don’t drink enough water. This leaves their minds foggy and their bodies dehydrated. Purifying your drinking water is a simple task, but it’s important if you want to perform your best. Part of this purification process involves placing your hands on your water container and thinking loving and positive thoughts about it. Sound funny?

How to purify water

Educate yourself, and you’ll begin to understand. Nature charges spring water, for instance, with its own positive energy, but by the time the water reaches us, much of this energy has dissipated. Have a look at this documentary about water, and also check the research by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

2. Acknowledge and rewrite limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Be honest with yourself. [tweet_dis]If you lie to yourself about whatever mental blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs you have, the only person you are hurting is you[/tweet_dis]. You have to pull all that out and set it on the table in front of you before you can sort things out and make a real change. There are methods for doing so, and the benefits are enormous. Change your thinking, check out Your Hidden Mind, and begin a personal reprogramming journey.

3. Know that your thoughts can affect your reality.

Have you heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? While both the book and film are well-meaning, sending a positive message to their audience, the focus is a little off. Add a little more spirituality and fluffiness and today’s humans would be unwilling to accept its message. The focus here is the law of attraction. What you think, becomes. Your mind is powerful and works like a broadcasting antenna. What frequencies are you sending out?

Have a look at this well known interview with Greg Braden

4. Rewire the neurons in your brain.

Since the knowledge we humans have acquired until now is what drives us, we may have a lot of unwanted thoughts, response patterns, fears, and limitations.

How to change my neurons in the brain

[tweet_dis]Science now tells us our past can be rewritten![/tweet_dis] Be prepared to be amazed at what you can do. Self-reflection can shed some light on these limiting fears and beliefs, allowing us to change the way we perceive them and, ultimately, physically change our brains. It’s one thing to understand the emotional state of your present being, but it’s even better to understand how the brain actually works.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is the guy to follow about how our minds and brain works. Lean more about this in this talk.

5. Envision a character you dream of and gradually become that person.

You may dream of being someone else—someone special, someone who does something epic. See before you that “new you,” the person you want to become. Now begin acting like them. Begin to dress like them, and begin to feel like them. Then one day, you might find that you ARE that person!

Uncommon Methods for Great happiness in Life

Sounds fluffy? Nope. Consider step 4 and keep doing it. [tweet_dis]Start drawing if you have to and put your future on paper first.[/tweet_dis]

6. Get to know a deeper, divine part of yourself.

One problem with common schooling is that there is almost NOTHING about the curriculum to teach you how to get in touch with your emotions, passions, and skills. How do we begin to trust our intuition and connect with our higher self? There are methods to help you discover that part of yourself. Employing those methods will help you discover skills you didn’t even know you had.

Discovering those hidden qualities will make it much easier to choose the right path for you because you are now matching your destination with who you truly are!

7. Using the force of the mind, fantasize about what will come.

If you already know what goals or dreams you plan on working toward, visualize them in your mind with as much detail and emotion as you possibly can. Maintain that butterfly feeling at all costs. Again, think the law of attraction. Much like step number five, envision the reality you want, but instead of focusing on a specific character, think in more general terms about places, circumstances, and situations to come.

8. Rearrange your relationships so they benefit you.

For some, reevaluating their relationships may seem a little cold and brutal, but the friends and network you currently have are not necessarily the best people to help you achieve your dreams. You may have heard the term: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So who are those five people?

Remember the character from step number five? The new version of you that you have been visualizing? Do any of your current friends, family members, or colleagues share the same values as that person? Begin connecting with new, motivating people who boost your focus and drive to achieve your goals.

9. Find a form of meditation catered to your needs.

Scientists now know meditation can, in fact, shape and mold the brain. Making meditation part of your routine can help you rewire and fire up parts of the brain rarely used. There are many ways to meditate, and you’ll likely have to try out a few different methods to find what works for you. Meditation reduces stress and helps you achieve a more restful body. You can use meditation to reinforce wanted outcomes and to visualize your dreams. The three main meditation methods involve sitting in silence, listening to music, or using guided meditation.

Meditation for personal growth

Here’s more about meditation for better sleep and for those wondering how to begin meditating at home.

10. Filter all input, organic or otherwise.

This is a damn important one! Don’t skip this. If you want to raise yourself up from limiting, noisy, and common societal norms, begin filtering your input. First, make sure your body and brain are not struggling to filter the shit food many people eat today. Common eating habits are not necessarily healthy ones. Shit food leaves your brain sluggish and slow, causing you to feel groggy, tired, unmotivated, and moody. In this state, getting through a single day can be difficult, much less your whole life. With the right diet, you can DOUBLE your energy levels.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Food isn’t the only thing to filter. Filtering information is just as important.[/tweet_box]

Stop watching the news, which is only hypnotic and reinforcing propaganda spreading fear. How will the news ever help you achieve your goals? Everything you feed your mind becomes a part of you. ALL of the content we listen to or watch has an energy signature, and you, in turn, are stuffing that energy into your mind. Make sure this information is positive, healthy, and motivating.

11. Decide to have everything you consume be energetic and revitalizing.

Let’s take step 10 further. Decide that you want as much positive and nurturing energy in your body and mind as possible. Eat food with little to no toxins. Taking a look at the food humans consume makes it clear to see where all the diseases and cancers running rampant today come from. Do you allow these toxins into your own life? Tell yourself “I don’t want chemicals in my food or my system.” Try eating “organic,” as they call it. This will immediately lower your risk of eating shit food.

Clean food for a clear mind

As I mentioned before, make sure to “consume” healthy friends, family members, colleagues, beautiful places, and revitalising information. You don’t have to cast aside old friends, but you can gradually and lovingly phase them out if they are not good for you.

12. Align with your horoscope to get a karmic vantage point.

This is ancient knowledge. In the exact moment of your birth, at the exact location you were born, the stars in the sky had a specific alignment and energy pattern. Now reading this week’s magazine horoscope won’t help you much. I’m talking about a PERSONAL horoscope reading given by a real astrologer. Even if you don’t understand the mechanics behind astrology or believe being an energy being has anything to do with the rest of your existence, I urge you to at least explore using your personal horoscope as a guide to what to focus on in life. And what to expect.

13. Keep the energy body in motion.

Earlier I mentioned that you have the ability to double your energy, both mind and body. By changing your lifestyle a little, this is certainly achievable. Incorporating a physical activity or form of exercise that involves your energy body (yoga, stretching, Tai chi, Qigong) will generate a thrilling boost in your overall capacity. These old Eastern methods were designed to not only activate muscles, but also the chi in your body. Learning to activate chi is hugely beneficial.

Importance of being in motion

Qigong is a very powerful method to do so, but some light stretching in the morning and evening will also reduce stress, loosen tense muscles, and get the blood circulating.

14. Keep muscle strength at a certain level with light physical activity.

Whether you live by this insight or not, we are energy beings. But, of course, we also have a physical body. This animated piece of meat loves motion. It will thrive like a well-tended and watered flower when it gets the right amount of attention. Being in motion generates more energy for the body and mind. I have read many books related to personal growth and successful life habits.

One recurring theme is the writer’s life-changing decision to start developing morning routines, usually involving meditation and some light physical activity.

A morning routine sets the day in motion, helping you produce energy and reach a positive state of mind. This state of mind will very much benefit all other areas of your life. This routine should be more physical than yoga or other energy-based exercises. I recommend fast walks surrounded by nature, which has healing abilities of its own.

15. Live with the confidence that this life is a series of many.

You may have a theme that guides you for this specific incarnation.

This concept may be new to you. But as soon as the human race begins to understand that this is not their only life, but one of many, the answers to many of life’s questions will emerge. The fear of death will fade into the background. Live with the knowledge that this specific life has a purpose, and it will bring much clarity about who you are and what you are here for.

Have a look at this well known story about five year old Cameron who remembered his past life.

16. Be aware of the fact that we are energy and be a part of energy at all times

The difference between this step and others mentioned in this list is to not only see yourself as an energy being, but also that the specific concentration of energy that you are is a part of ALL that is.

This is why intuitive and clairvoyant people connect with others like they do. This is why mothers can sense disturbing feelings in their children. This is why some dogs know when their owners are home, even at irregular times. This is why time does not exist. Since you are connected to everything and everyone, be more mindful and aware of the thoughts and images you send out into the world. Learn to be more open to sensing people, places, and circumstances.

17. Be aware that cosmic influences may affect your body and mind.

Expanding your mind, seeing yourself as much more than you are, and understanding your cosmic connection is important. The sun and moon can also have an impact on our bodies and minds.

It’s common knowledge that full moons affect people’s personalities and moods. Just ask your local police department or hospital. The sun also has similar effects on the mind and body. This year alone, several strong solar storms have hit earth’s atmosphere.

Schumann resonances, which I suggest you look into, may also influence us. (You can read about that here.) Quickly explained, Schumann resonances refer to the very low frequency of the earth’s atmosphere, generated by lightning strikes around the planet. This frequency bounces up and down between earth and the stratosphere. Since it was first measured in Germany, this frequency has been 7.83Hz, but for some unknown reason, this frequency is said to be rising.

You can review this rise in detail on the monitors provided by the HeartMath Institute.

18. Accept that wealth is neither shameful nor bad.

Why would I say this? “Of course not!” some people might exclaim. Well, sure. But the reality is people say one thing while their subconscious tells them something else, creating an invisible energy block preventing you from reaching that level of living.

I’m not kidding. For years, I have had this problem myself. But I also know where it comes from—my messed up childhood where, at times, we barely scraped by. Sometimes having too much or too little can make a person feel ashamed. If you consider money and wealth to be ego-driven or otherwise tinged with negativity, you will have a hard time reaching the worry-free life you are seeking.

What other wealthy and, let’s face it, disgusting human beings—the rich and famous—have made you feel about money has nothing to do with you! Live proudly and prosper without being ego-driven.

19. Practice being thankful everyday to rewire the brain.

For a lot of people reading this, sticking to a daily Thank You ritual sounds like a cutesy new age concept to be done only when things are going well.

But you’d be wrong. There is more to being thankful than simply saying the words because you think you should. People who make an effort to recognize all they’ve achieved and are thankful for how they achieved it create neural pathways in their brains. A mind shift begins to occur.

But being thankful is both a feeling and a state of mind. There is a difference between saying thank you to the universe and actually FEELING grateful. Allow yourself to truly feel it—to be grateful and say thank you, letting those feelings ripple out into the universe and, through the law of attraction, become a part of your energy as well.

20. Become aware of your surroundings in order to be inspired by them.

Earlier I mentioned how important it is to be mindful of what you feed your body and mind, as well as the importance of socializing with people who match your energy.

It’s just as important to position yourself in locations and spaces you enjoy. You might feel a large energy difference sitting in a magical, Japanese botanical garden to reflect on your goals than sitting on a trashcan in a dark alley, yes?

Landscapes of Iceland

Energy, something we can often feel in our stomach, clusters, getting stronger in certain places. Like attracts like. That means matching energies attract each other. In this case, negative, dark, and mysterious places will attract more of that energy. People’s minds strengthen it. If you’re a sensitive person who enjoys soft music and the beauty of nature you may be drawn to that garden. And while there, you may also attract like-minded people to you.

If instead you ventured into a dark basement pub with a bunch of punk rockers dealing crack, you could expect a completely different and altogether risky energy. Become aware of your surroundings and the outer reality you wrap your existence in.

Check out this film with some epic landscapes from my last trip to Iceland where I mention this topic.

21. Give your superior mind the chance to be mentored.

I don’t think this is you—but some people have such a high-flying ego that there is no room for anybody telling them what to do. There’s nothing wrong with that, except it keeps them very limited and blocked.

Having a mentor and coach in our lives is something that will make a huge impact on our progress. Many big names—historical figures and celebrities, for instance—have benefited from a mentor’s guidance at some point in their career.

The Awakening Mindset Summit

This can be achieved by changing your social network as mentioned earlier. You can do some self-mentoring by reading informative books (usually the kind not assigned in school). You can also search for inspiring people who have the kind of qualities and lives you want for yourself.

I recommend joining The Awakening Mindset Summit as a beginning, to learn from various amazing mentors around the world.

22. Script your own future by written or audio storytelling.

This is about reaffirming to yourself what your goals and dreams are. It’s another technique with the same mechanics as the law of attraction—a method to manifest your desired life.

By writing your story out, you will have another way to tell the brain what you are about to experience in life. If you struggle with writing, consider keeping an audio diary instead, where you can dictate and share your story. Most modern cell phones come with pre-installed apps allowing for note taking and dictation, so doing so couldn’t be more simple.

One last (but no less important) bonus tip to keep in mind.

Consider this for all future endeavors—the dreams and goals you have for yourself are for you to manifest and not for everybody else to have their say in.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Keep your dreams to yourself.[/tweet_box]

You understand by now that our minds are strong. Our brains are like antennas broadcasting energy, and not everybody’s signal is pure and well-meaning. Another important thing to keep in mind: as soon as you begin speaking out loud and proud about those dreams you have, the more the people around you will affect the outcome. On a “metaphysical” level, their energy impacts the result, but their energy also affects how you receive, listen to, and react to their input.

This may not always be a good thing. All it takes is ONE comment from a friend (or dream killer) to deflate the energy you have poured into manifesting your goals.

Some final words for those who don’t fit into the system.

Not everyday conforms to the limiting norms of society. There will always be people who stand out from the crowd and clear their own path because there will always be souls coming to this planet with upgraded or different configurations.

There is nothing wrong with these people. They simply choose not to accept or join the madness without a fight.

If you live by the above mentioned 22 uncommon methods for a successful life, I guarantee you will have a much better chance at reaching a fulfilling state of being. One that brings about a sharp mind, creativity, and sense of pride that leads you closer to your dreams and the life you desire.

Please. Share. This.