Why are rituals and routines important for your new life

Why would you start to do some life-changing daily rituals? But few will step up…

Why are rituals and routines important

Why are rituals and routines important for your new life? A lot of people have wishes, dreams and wants. That’s good. Dreaming feels good. Even better if you will, in fact, experience them. But few will step up a notch and get into the zone, a higher physical and mental shape to fly the altitude where dreams come true. Ask yourself, how far can I reach in my dreams?

You will never reach your dreams!

After I shared my 7 daily rituals for more strength to your mind, body, and spirit, I have met cool people with awesome goals and dreams that do not understand how important such routines are.

You will never reach your dreams, most likely, of you don’t become yourself in the future, NOW. Unless…

You will never reach your dreams because you’re not programmed to. Unless…

You will never reach your dreams because you don’t BELIEVE you can! Unless…

Unless what?

Well, most people don’t reach their true dreams unless they change their mindset. Which is the reason for having the 7 daily habits. Those practical methods WILL change your mind.

I’m very clear in my messages. I tell people, just to sharpen their attention, that “you will not reach your dreams”!

Usually, I’m right. Because most people don’t.

Why do you think that is? When I speak out this kind of message they know why I say it with the way I communicate it. I do it to provoke their thoughts and have them see themselves from a distance.

People’s state of mind shines through very clearly sometimes. And with the way they respond in a conversation, they show no enthusiasm, motivation, clarity, urge or belief. Their mind is out of tune.

Remember this: Humans default state of mind is not one of success.

That’s the reason.

Also, sometimes people THINK they want something, but very often the true passion for it is not really there. Usually, it’s rather about their limiting mindset and a lack of important and powerful knowledge.

Why is that? Might it be because of the useless reproduction system the educational faculties have become? Leaving out most of what life and personal growth REALLY are about?

And since it’s just been like this for decades now, our parents suffered the same limited teachings. So our upbringing, for most people, is more about following the norms, go to school, get stuffed and produce awesome grades. Ready to start climbing the latter, hopefully reaching the pouch of golden coins at the top of it.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with this. And some succeed. But too many don’t. They are just totally unhappy.

The limited format and harsh regime I have seen the school have been for so many people leaves out EVERYTHING that really counts when Life starts to kick in. It’s like personal feelings don’t count. Or each student uniqueness and individuality. Our core beliefs, worldview and true passions.

What about some basic (in fact, ancient knowledge) understandings of your body, mind and spirit? Unless you believe you are only a framed up meat-stack, this is the MOST important part. Because you’re a spirit. You’re having a human experience on this planet animated in a physical body.

It’s like our inner light, our ball of energy, the only true essence of what you are, are just not there.

What is missing in education?

And since we humans, in general, don’t get thought a damn thing about this subject, we have no insights to guide us. So, if you’re like most people. You are limited in your capacity to create yourself.

Limited in the true understanding of WHAT you are, WHO you really are, how you can use your mind to change your life. How you can explore your life agenda and built a more harmonious life from vibrating at the right frequency. And not being forced into something that does not match your true nature.

There you have it. Most of us are basically forced to go to school. And the school has a system they have to follow. And the plans for you are to be taught the same framework as everyone else, in the same format and in an over-crowdy and very uninspiring environment. Usually, with teachers being just as uninspiring and limited. Some of them just as annoyed with the rules and regulations as the student are.

Your life will just sound like a disharmonious orchestra right before a concert. When everyone is tuning their instruments at the same time. Not so pleasant.

Will you stick with the old or make a quantum jump?

If you recognize yourself in some of this, you know why I’m sharing my 7 tips for success. We need something to get out of limitation, control our thoughts and pick the results we want!

So how far will you reach? When will you start?

First, there is nothing you HAVE to do in life.

But if life sucks and you know you want something else. There are some basic and easy methods to get there. It’s simply about not allowing a system, someone else, or your drama-queen brain to put a stop to your progress and dreams. And then rather design your own success habits.

Tell yourself what you want, and go do it.

I enjoy motivating people to have progress in life. But so many of them move through life fumbling around in a mist of the same resistant energy that keeps them on the same spot.

Giving birth to the understanding, logic and motivation to create a habit of such daily routines of making a Super You, WILL over time reformat your brain. You are teaching yourself what you should have learned in school.

Do you feel you are stuck in this kind of fog-mind right now? Maybe you don’t even know how to change, how to start something or even begin the new life you want.

I think this is about just starting the walk. Put at least one leg before the other, and start stamping out a brand new track in the forest. The most important thing is to DECIDE you want the change because things have a way of start happening. Talk to someone you look up to.

“The mind moves the body”

It’s important to upgrade you body and mind energy. And you do that by being physically and mentally in motion. It doesn’t have to be blood, sweat, and tears. But just this “motion effect” creates good prana.

So from today, ask you self. “how to achieve my goals faster”…

Oh, I’m glad you asked. I will enlighten you on this matter.

You have probably heard this or read it before unless you are fresh out in discovering the madness and the tempo of the work and information overload that we have. Losing our mind and becoming stressed, fat or sick is the new default disease for many people. And many don’t even realize why. Even not knowing what to do with your life can be stressful.

If you don’t DO anything special in your life right now and you might just be stuck in front of a computer, game console or your mobile phone, it’s even more important to wake up your potential by upgrading yourself.

Your life changes in the moment of decision

In the divine moment where you have (truthfully) DECIDED that you want to modify your mental and physical capacity, your life has changed!

Seriously. It’s your first sign of improved decision-making, or you wouldn’t have made that choice in the first place.

When will my life change?

So the first step, I would say, is starting to dream and visualize. FEELINGS is what drives us. Emotion, feelings and motivation. Motivation comes from the good feeling of what you visualize when you close your eyes.

Do it willfully by the method of meditation. Your brain will start to change.

The conclusion, summing it up for you

Yeah, so let’s recap.

  1. The default mindset for human beings is not one of success. We become like that because of either our childhood, the “system” and the common path we are lead through. The REAL life value of it all is just not giving us the abilities. So we step out, give the non-working and too complex industry the finger and start building our own education. There are really cool people out there who have done this before us and teach us how.
  2. We design some good and motivating life habits that will accelerate what we are meant for and become amazingly upgraded compared to our old version. Included in these positive life rituals we include both body, mind and spirit so that we include ALL of yourself.
  3. We decide, specifically, what we want and stick to our new life habits.

Note this, so you won’t do the same:

A LOTS of people point out their amazing journey and start walking. But, suddenly they stop walking… so, how did that go?

It’s funny. They complain and say “that” didn’t work for me.

It’s like Mr. Smartypants that went to the store to buy fruit. And back home he was pissed off because you didn’t get any fruit. You know why? Just before he got to the store, he stopped and walked back home.

When you have decided, follow your routines and start on your journey.
Never stop walking. It’s simple, you just won’t get to your destination.

Here’re is My 7 Rules on how to strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

I wish you great strength.