Why is Iceland so peaceful and magical? The island where people change

I didn’t want to go back home! Last week, after my second time to Iceland,…

Beautiful places in Iceland

Beautiful places in Iceland

Why is Iceland so peaceful? I didn’t want to go back home! Last week, after my second time to Iceland, I got the same intense feeling of missing something as soon as I landed back in Norway. Iceland changes people, and I made a YouTube video about why.

Something happened to me last year. It started the first day after I came back home from my first trip to Iceland, in June. The feeling was intense and lasted for over a week. The sensation and connection with Iceland, and one particular person that I love, and lost, kept pulsating in my mind for a week.

A past life connection, or just a magical land matching my energy?

For a long time, I wanted to visit Iceland. Something attracted me to that country. That island in the middle of the ocean pretty high up on the north of the globe. Regularly getting washed over and soothed by the northern lights. Finally, last year, I went for a few days trip with three friends.

While driving the first hours along the road with our rented car, I was sitting like a dog out of the window with my mouth open. The rough, black, green, and lava-formed landscape felt like being on a different planet. And this is what most people say that have visited Iceland.

This year I was traveling with a buddy of mine, so I was more in control of our journey and destination during our one week stay. We traveled to Iceland to disconnect. But also, for me, it was to work on my next YouTube film. Specifically about the topic. To reconnect with the country, nature, the people, the mindset. And the spiritual power of nature here.

Magical places in Iceland

For people like us that can’t stand a 9-5 employee job and want our freedom to create what we want, we also get attracted to mindfully keep some healthy life habits. Disconnecting in beautiful nature can be one of them. Iceland is a sure destination to do that.

There is something about Iceland. This is what I have been repeating to people when I talk about my trips here. There is more to this country than just the rugged volcanic landscape and the beautiful scenery.

What we sense here is not just the visible beauty of the landscape. Our intuition tells us something else, yes? I guess there will be many people that have a past life (parallel) connection to this country. That can be one reason, for some.

Why is Iceland so peaceful and, magical?

So why is Iceland so peaceful? Why are the people so peaceful and open there? At least this is what I experience compared to the hopeless Norwegians while traveling in my own country.

There must be a reason for that. It is well known that the crime rates in Iceland are one of the lowest on the planet. If not THE lowest. That fact ad to the peacefulness. There’s not much spiky mind-energy firing off as much as in, hm…. The US (of course).

[tweet_dis]I believe Iceland is so peaceful because the whole country is like living on a giant crystal stone![/tweet_dis] Yes, it’s like going back in time to a state of the planet just after it was hardened and had cooled off the volcanic activities so that people can begin to settle. That’s exactly what it looks like when traveling around Iceland.

Why Iceland is like another planet

What I think is that it’s one thing with the beauty of nature and the landscape here. That does have a BIG impact on the human mindset. But there is also something about the vibration and energy coming out of the ground. Let’s not forget that Iceland is also an island that is almost ripped in two by the tectonic planets running through the whole country. And with volcanic activity bubbling just beneath the surface.

Thingvellir tectonic plates in Iceland

Go to visit Thingvellir (above photo), and you will see the famous huge tectonic plates getting ripped apart. So huge cracks you can actually walk between them. There are even places on Iceland to dive between the tectonic plates.

Iceland and the elves living underground

One of the cool things about Iceland and its culture and history is the people’s beliefs and relation to the elves. These are the little people living in, under, below and in between rocks and mountains.

This is serious. It’s, in fact, such common knowledge that even the government openly keep their respect and practices around this knowledge. Especially when constructing roads and buildings. During our trip to Iceland this time, we met with a guy who was a drone photographer around the area. He told us a well-known story about such a road-building project that was delayed because of elves.

Elves and magic in Iceland

As we know, governments on this planet, hell, most people on this planet dig, blow up, and trash flat whatever space they claim in nature without any further due. But in Iceland, this is not so.

While expanding one of the roads just outside Reykjavik city center, two giant rocks seem to be impossible to move. Accidents started to happen, machines broke down, and the struggle to move these rocks just piled up. The government decided to call in one of the clairvoyant and psychic people in the area, so she could communicate with whatever hindered the project.

The agreement was made that the two rocks could be moved, and so they did. The road construction could continue after this. You can visit these two rocks just by the road in Iceland when you come there.

Watch my YouTube film about Iceland’s magic and spiritual power

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Iceland’s energy, epic nature, and powerful experiences change people. It touches their spirit. That’s why Iceland’s nature has a spiritual power of it.

Have you been there, and if so, what is your personal experience?