Why is money so hard to get? 3 books that helped me

Growing up with money issues and moving nearly 32 times (at one point we lived…

Growing up with money issues: 3 books that helped me

Growing up with money issues: 3 books that helped me

I was 11 years old when my mother wrote a short note asking some neighbours to borrow money. It would happen several more times. Growing up with money issues and moving nearly 32 times (at one point we lived in a tent), leaves a bad programmed money mindset. I’ve been thinking, why is money so hard to get. Here’s three books helped me gradually change my mindset.

Our mindset dictates our everyday habits. How have you been programmed?

What do you believe in so much that it becomes your reality? This includes what you believe is good to eat, what you deserve, how you think about your spiritual being, what friends you should stick with, and all the rest of it.

It also goes for money, which has been a big issue for me.

How I lost my new car

One day several years ago, I was driving my new car (new to me) along the road toward town. I had just purchased a pretty new Land Rover from my buddy’s father. Since they didn’t use the car, I was able to buy it with a down payment.

I remember the exact moment—even the exact spot—on the road when a nasty feeling hit me. It was negative thoughts of not deserving this car. I suddenly felt bad driving it. The emotions rising up inside me were probably some twisted mind-fuck from my childhood leaving me to believe that this car was too new for me to own.

I had never had such a new car before. Why would I deserve it?

You wanna know what happened? Of course you do, and maybe you even recognise it.

Well, I have learned that the Universe always brings about what we ask for. Both deliberately and unconsciously. So as I was trying to enjoy this new car, I was having even stronger emotions telling me “You don’t deserve this car.” So the Universe rearranged it all.

I lost the car.
[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Our mindset dictates our everyday habits. How have you been programmed?[/tweet_box]

Since we’re connected to All That Is, the Matrix, the Universe, whatever . . .

When we have strong thought forms and emotions that send out signals, such as “I don’t deserve this car and should not have it,” the All Mightyness might just reply:

“Of course, as you command.”

What happened next is that one of my clients who I had recently signed on for a pretty high-paying job went bankrupt. She was the reason I bought the damn car in the first place. Because of that, I lost $6,000 and had to return the car three months later.

Oh, dear Universe, what a clever way of removing that wealth from my life. Thank you for always synchronising my life according to my unconscious desires. ?

Then I started reading these three books, among others

Something had to change. I knew that I had a poorly programmed money mindset due to my childhood. But you know, being aware of the reason for your financial struggles doesn’t suddenly resolve them or restructure the well-trained neural pathways in the brain overnight.


To be able to change and review my ideas, concepts, and feelings about money, I had to start on a personal bootcamp to rewire my brain.

There are many methods and practices to do so. But in this post, I want to mention two books that have stood out for having a method of writing and a format that changed my thinking, feelings, and methods for accepting wealth and good fortune.

And that word “FEELING” is damn important here! You dig?

What you FEEL about money and wealth is the dominating factor.

Okay, now to the books. In order of appearance, please welcome:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich -bookHeard about this book? It would almost be weird if you hadn’t. It’s a must-read book from 1936. That’s right—that’s how long it has been since Think and Grow Rich was published, and the world is still out of balance!

My first tip about reading this book is to understand that it’s not really about money. If you believe that you have big issues with the word “money” and “rich,” if they conjure up negative thoughts, let me tell you this book is more about mindset and wealth in general.

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

This is a thick book, like a bibleMoney: Master the Game -book! The only difference is that it’s not misleading, condemning, confusing, and full of really bad spells. Tony’s book is damn good but a little bit more difficult to read than Think and Grow Rich and the next book I’ll recommend. What’s good about this book is that you will have much needed insight about how money flows in this world. It will also give you better and more practical guidance on how you should handle and invest your money, including what NOT to do.

Don’t be scared about the word “invest.” This could simply refer to a glass jar on a shelf where you put your savings.

It’s not really a high-level financial book for cocky business people. It’s for normal people who don’t like to be screwed over by the system and tricky financial advisors with slick backed hair.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

You're a badass at making moneyThis is the last book about money that I’ve read. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Especially about the goats trashing her apartment . . .

Yeah, you just have to read it yourself.

It’s not a comedy book, but Jen is real about her own financial struggles throughout her storytelling.

It’s also a damn good book about money and wealth mindset—how to mindfully rewire your brain to accept and attract a new reality so you stop limping through life with barely nothing.

How do you get the most out of a book when you don’t read very well?

That’s a question I get very often. And, of course, if you struggle with reading black text on a white background, it can kill your motivation. But damn, there’s so much life transforming and bright insights you might miss out on!

That’s why I always recommend audiobooks. Most people I know who struggle with reading still have a pair of working ears. So, I send them links to audio books.

And you know what? I want to help you too. Search no more: I have the links for you right here.

Now please go forth, and rewire your abundance mindset and mentality around money. Namaste.

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