Why You don’t need the system to be happy and successful

You don’t need to follow the system and norms! So how do you do it…

Do not follow the crowd

Do not follow the crowd

You’re stuck! You’re a robot. An animated puppet of the System and you might not even know it. The only thing you DO know is that something doesn’t feel right, and you want to get out of it. You don’t need to follow the system and norms! So how do you do it and what are the options after you choose to hop off the wild ride of the society carousel?

When I talk about The System, I will, in this post, refer to three main life arenas most of us have related to. Go to school, have a job, and sooner or later get sick.


I stood out from the crowd very early on. The reason why I’m different than most people is not necessarily because of my scary and insecure childhood. I have learned over time, by self-education, why I don’t fit in. I’m pretty clear on why I don’t like the state of this planet, that’s overrun by insane politics and fear-based leaders supporting scarcity belief systems.

I know I’m not alone in disliking the current educational system. And many of us don’t want to take part in the conventional lineup where you’re told to make the jump into the big, crazy world of success, fame, and fortune. Be sure to reach good grades, get approved by the system, or get the hell out!

Dont follow the cowd to be happy

I really connect with the fellowship of those of us who take a step back to observe the insanity and madness of what we call the “societies norms.” In these common norms, the methods, and daily life routines – you know; That which most people just do since everybody else is doing it is not part of our lifestyle.

What’s considered acceptable, normal, average, or common, is just too low vibration for energy beings like you and me.

So, you know what? You don’t have to take part in that System. And here is why;

Nobody can dictate how you should think, feel or behave.

That includes your own mother!

Understand that when I refer to the System, I’m not just relating to law enforcement, politicians or the city town hall. Your closest friends or even family can represent the System and those unbearable expectations just as sick as the government.

Your mother may love you. And your mother probably gave birth to you. But she doesn’t own you. You are not someone else property. And she might not even have the best advice for your life anyway. She is probably just repeating all over what she’s was told way back.

You don’t have to keep up with and meet anyone’s expectations, no matter how much you feel you owe them something. The only individual you should keep up with and conform to is your very self. As long as you know that what you stand up for is the truth for you.

Nobody can dictate how you should think, feel or behave

Of course, I’m not talking about being disrespectful. I’m not talking about freaking out and go against your closes friends and family just to cause disharmony and trouble. But disharmony and difficulty MAY be the result if you start to go against the rules and expectations. Be prepared for that.

Making a statement about your truth and decisions is about you knowing, and feeling, that something inside you, your deepest values and core beliefs, does not harmonize with the rest of the world. So that’s the time to phase out what is not working for you, gently.

You don’t, and should not need, anybody’s System or beliefs to become a healthy, whole and happy human being.

The system of Education is not a life saver

There is a big chance you don’t need to struggle with a failing educational system. There are options.

And I think this is starting to become more and more common knowledge by now. People are beginning to see that they messed up. [tweet_dis]Humans have still not been able to figure out how to educate them self[/tweet_dis], and the youngsters that are growing up. Just to make sure you get what I mean; I’m not just talking about teaching humans how to read, write, and do the math.

I’m talking about REAL education. History, or, true and factual history. Not just convenient history. And to learn about our health combined with a holistic understanding of both body, mind, and spirit.

Teach humans about the planets and cosmos in a truthful way. Not just looking at fancy charts of planets and have them peak through a telescope. Tell them that we’re not alone and other races exist, always have been and always will be. Teach them about different dimensions and levels of energy. And that our minds are so powerful that it can manifest things and experiences!

And make sure to explain that we do this every day, just being too unconscious about it.

Do you really, honestly, trust the government?

I mean, look at the condition of the world. [tweet_dis]With such a fuck-load of money laying around, is this the best world leaders can do?[/tweet_dis]

Do the governments and the “elite power” of the planet purposefully keep the people down and a dumb-level? Sure, probably. Especially in the completely disharmonized country of the United States of America. [tweet_dis]This country is so out of tune; it sounds like moon-shine drunken hillbillies playing the chords.[/tweet_dis]

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You don’t need much education to live, thrive and be a happy human being[/tweet_box]

Holy shit how much the people allow themselves to overruled by the governments.

To begin educating the people TOO MUCH would be inconvenient and they would lose control. [tweet_dis]Please stay dumb little earthling and don’t disturb the party.[/tweet_dis]

(Happy-note: This is about to change!)

how to find your own success

You don’t need much education to live, thrive and be a happy human being. Do you want to be a doctor? Well, then you won’t get away with not going to school. But then you probably won’t mind the methods of the teachings and the demands for grades. I just wish you will choose to be different, and not be so fucking limited that you’re not including humans spiritual body in your treatments.

The purpose of your doctor’s education should be to run OUT of work!

You can educate yourself and generate your own salary

If you want freedom and a steady income, don’t follow the norms and spend years burning yourself out in the classroom. Starting your career as a human being with a shit-load of dept is a pretty sad advice to bring to young people.

There are so many methods to self-educate your self online now, and there are plenty of free resources and tools that make you able to earn your own income. And not just one, but several. And it’s close to free.

Having an employee job is one of the most insecure setups you can have. You got only ONE income stream, and you got nothing to say when it comes to your job security. Also, your payment is flat and usually stays the same for years.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Starting your career as a human being with a shit-load of dept is a pretty sad advice.[/tweet_box]

Does taking control and being your own boss sound hard? Maybe you have been too conditioned to believe that you HAVE to go to school! You have to work for someone else. You have to get a job, and you have to begin your life by borrowing money and get even more locked into the System.

Self educate and create income

If you would have the capacity and discipline to spend years in the current educational system with its useless teaching methods in sick demands for grades, you would also have the energy to create your own empire and income. And to learn what it takes is even free. It’s FREE, and you can teach yourself while on a café.

(Another happy-note if this post pisses you off: School is about to change many places around the world. Glory Hallelujah)

I know a lot of happy, cool, and rich celebrity people that THRIVE. But they never went to school, and nobody is bothering them about this now. A common trait with people who genuinely self-educate and expand their mind is that they do become, educated.

Not ALL schools are crap -but I know mine was

I’m saying that the system of education is not something you need any more unless you want to become something special. And not ALL schools are equally bad. Also, not all teachers are hopeless. But many of them feel they have to obey to a hopeless system.

I went 3 years at a shitty private school learning Multimedia Design. It was crap. Often, I was more a teacher than a student. And the disturbing struggle for impressive grades and scores took away all the fun and creativity in the learning. And you know what? In later years, not ONE client ever asked me “Hey, what grades did you get?” -before they hired me for a job or project. They don’t care.

Another thing is that everything I learned or was supposed to learn from this faculty that cost $9000 per year! -I can learn for free online. With no demands or limitations. But, if you don’t have the discipline, maybe that is a valuable trait you should have been taught in school…?

How to not become dependent on a doctor and medicine

You should not need this system either. It’s unfortunate that this is actually something I have to write about in 2017. But here we go.

You don’t need a doctor unless you think you do. The challenge is that most people have been breastfed that going to a doctor is something you should regularly do. And you should fear all the different diseases and physical issues that may enter your system as long as you live!

Well, yeah, for a lot of people that is in fact true. Because they follow the System. They live conventional lives like everybody else. It’s a pretty sure fire way to sooner or later attract an unbalanced and very unhealthy lifestyle. Both mentally and physically. This is why the medical industry is having a ball with you.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Bad education: This is why the medical industry is having a ball with you![/tweet_box]

What would happen if all humans got fully educated and achieved strong knowledge about how our body, mind, and our spirit is operating? That pill-factory would run out of business. And I don’t think they would like that.

The methods, and the pretty simple life routines you CAN live by, if you want, will change your energy level to such a vibrant strength, that you will never need to live in a worry-state of getting sick or having to pay regular visits to your doctor.

Now, we ARE living a life here. And I’m not saying that we don’t need doctors. But we don’t need to make sure doctors always have plenty of work to do.

I could also plug in a more spiritual concept here. And that is that SOME lives that incarnate on this planet are supposed to have the experience they live. And sometimes that can mean that having some form of deficiency or disease can be part of the “plan” and soul education. But that’s whole other topic.

So how do you make it more probable that you won’t need the doctor or the pills anymore? By eating fresh and healthy food. Cut out milk and flour-based food. Move your body, and begin to filter ALL your inputs. Especially the news on TV and wrong friends, family, and other toxic relationships.

You need to get your own System together!

So here’s a super-short sum-up of what you read in this post. These ideas are something you may want to share with a smart friend who feels the same as you. If you don’t have such a friend that is relating to this post, share it with the world. And help a fellow outsider in a time of need for motivation.

  • You don’t need anybody to dictate who you are, or what you should do. Even your mother.
  • You don’t need school If you struggle with it. Educate yourself for free
  • You don’t need a system of doctors to keep you healthy and vibrant. You yourself can make sure you will be.
  • AND -you don’t need a religion with a rigid system telling you what you should believe and not believe.

Now, feel safe and taken care of as being an outsider jumping off the spinning carousels. There are better methods and safe, healthy ways of thriving as an earthling. You just have to take control and be responsible for your own success from now on.

May the force be with you.