7+11 Reasons to why you should start a blog

I think I got some inspiring reasons for why you should start a blog. Especially…

Why you should start a blog

I think I got some inspiring reasons for why you should start a blog. In case you haven’t been following my blog or know what I have been doing the last years, I will give you a quick pitch. I’m all about doing work my way and following my passions. So I have been a freelance Web Designer for many years. I make money by setting up websites and blogs for all kinds of people and small businesses. From all over the world. I do this from coffee shops or at home, or while traveling.

I have done a lot of sites and talked to a lot of people. I know the Internet world pretty well. And I’m loving hacking new ways of creating an excellent life and making incomes from non-traditional jobs.

There are so many possibilities!

In this post I will tell you why you should start a blog, and what new freedom privileges this might give you.

Create change in your life by starting a blog

Are you one of many who has reached a point in life where you for sure know that, shift-need-to-happen! Are you stuck in the work-life/passion confusion?

Maybe you dropped out of school and thought your life is over? Forget about that old success-scam. As a kid, for periods, I barely attended school.

We can change this. And there are many ways to do it. This blog post will show you one of the most common ways to start something that can grow to become a total transformation of your life. Plus income.

Those souls waking up to bigger understandings are catching fire on the desire to break out of the matrix and take control. Create change.

I feel you. I guess I have been like this most of my life, not really fitting in.

So I started manifesting my life in my own way.

I’ll get to the core details, but first, share a story of a guy…

I will tell you a short intro about this guy and how a blog gave LIFE-FORCE and purpose in his life.

This young guy used to be one of my naturally talented Taekwon-Do students some years back. Last year, he got in touch with me, looking me up on Facebook. He felt connected to my content. And with him feeling like a lost outsider, misfit and “troublemaker” in society, we started to talk.

He told me how he struggled with school, never found a job fitting or fulfilling. And we got down to how his family affected him badly on his energy. He wandered off to a very unhealthy life.

I have been having a lot of good talks with this guy for almost a year now. We have connected on many deep levels, so his mindset and energy have totally changed.

We have even found his qualities and a big passion which he now is working on. And by hacking our way through this, his life-force have started showing. Talking about his future, we did some planning.

And you know what?…

They day he decided to start a blog and a YouTube channel, a clear life purpose emerged! A channel for his passion, voice, and journey.

And I said: “My brother from anotha motha!…” And we had some tea.

Now he got some work in progress. A goal. Something I will share the results of with you later to my e-mail subscribers.

Expand, grow and be yourself through a blog

Having a blog and website is not only for those starting up a business. If you happen to be unemployed, out of work and feeling like a lost fluffy puppy without life purpose, you could still run the most inspiring and influential blog in the world. It’s about making a decision. And many people have.

It’s not only about selling a physical product or service. YOU are the product itself. To other people, your story may matter big time.

[tweet_box] “YOU are the product itself. To other people, your story may matter big time!”[/tweet_box]

Having a blog is one of the most rewarding and life expanding creative processes you can begin to grow. A lot of people have even started a website not expecting it to “take off” and become their life’s most fulfilling activity. And profitable. Having a new recurring income stream is always nice.

For example, one thing I have heard a few times throughout the years of mentorship relations to some clients and regular people is that I have a lot more effect and profound impact on them than I think.

It’s like running your own online café

You know what? I just came to think about it.

Having a blog and website is like having your own café, intended for a particular kind of guests. It’s a place for them to come together for reading and discuss their interests with like-minded people. You can even serve them something, either for free or something they will pay for. This is up to you.

To see how people crowd together to come to your café is very rewarding. It means your guests like it there. They enjoy staying at your writer’s residence and consume your content. You start to see that you affect people and bring them something that might change their lives, inspire them and serve them in a positive way.

Wow, what an excellent metaphor I just gave you. How would you like to change people’s lives?

Close to the end, I’ll tell you a story of a guy who followed his dream.

You got specific skills and qualities! So what are they?

I don’t know where you are in life right now. But I have a feeling that a lot of you reading this blog post might be underestimating your uniqueness. You got some qualities and skills that either don’t get fully expressed, or you even don’t know about yet.

I have seen a lot of people making their way with their passion, abilities, and dreams through a website. Some of them expand this into several channels using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. This makes the whole idea grow faster.

Important: A huge option to change your life

So you might think how creating a blog might change your life. Well, think about it. What motion would you start by having one? How would it affect your behavior and a new synchronicity?

11 awesome reasons to start a blog and change your life!

  1. You get out of your conform-zone, which is just limiting anyway
  2. You will for sure discover more of yourself, maybe surprise yourself
  3. You will learn awesome and useful skills by your own choice
  4. You will master new tools and systems
  5. You open up for a new world of possibilities and synchronicity
  6. Your new focus on being visible is good for your self-worth
  7. You learn to express yourself in new ways and get better at it
  8. You can grow yourself to new heights by holding yourself publicly accountable for your ideas and goals
  9. You will attract fresh acquaintances being like-minded and inspirational
  10. You will generate new possibilities and new ways of money income
  11. You begin a journey and open the risk of being famous!

Now, visualize your life before and after this list of 11 benefits.

I suggest you start doing some deliberate manifesting. Amen to that.

Create a new income stream, or several

So many people have changed their lives in freedom and possibilities by making new sources of income from starting a blog. If you have never done this before and are new to this thinking, you don’t see all the options available. Seriously.

I know how it is because I have set up many websites and talked to a lot of clients about this. But I promise you, my friend; you have no clue! From today, be curious.

The questions always come up. How to make money on a blog?

There are many ways. And it’s better suited for a separate blog post to make this topic and all the options shine bright like a diamond in your head.

But one amazing, valuable and available but a less used tool you have is Your Imagination.


A free blog content planner

If you are just starting our, or already, have a blog online, planning your blog posts is important. For a long time, I didn’t. Just random writing here and there with no scheduling.

I don’t do that anymore. And now I keep a well-crafted blog content planner, visually pleasant for my eyes.

I have talked to a lot of new bloggers wich were struggling with the same issue. So now I just give my complete blog content planner away for free.

You can get it here.

The risk and hassle with WordPress updates

With all the client for WordPress websites I have had through the years, almost nobody of them maintains their site! So, they get hacked. They end up having to spend 100s of dollars on fixes and redesigns.

And then, I get all the support emails. Well, it’s nice with more work. But not in the way I preferred. So I wanted to help my clients out and created a WordPress support service for bloggers.

Simple WordPress support for bloggers

WPConfidence is growing. But the most important service my clients need was knowing they had backups and their site was regularly updated by a team.

Check out WPConfidence here

By serving others, you educate yourself

For 15 years I have trained and coached people. Taekwon-Do has been a big important life path for me for 17 years. As a black belt trainer, I have also mentored new students who are getting higher grades to be trainers them self.

That’s when a big shift happens!

When you get in a position where you get to help, mentor, guide, train or coach others. You instantly grow. It’s like a switch.

Having a blog where you write and share what you know most about, you will be seen as a mentor and later as an authority in your field. This can be anything. Even knitting for hamsters.

Yes, be very specific! If you love knitting, create a blog where you teach knitting for cat-clothing exclusively. Or what about a blog that’s only about micro-blogging on smartphones. Creating content about workflows, Apps, your topic ideas, publishing, inspiration, blogging, or travel. JustBut, be specific about your topic.

Getting to work on your passion, showing other people how to do the same as your unique field makes you grow fast.

The Tesla guy from Norway

The programmer who quit his job.

If you ever read my bio, one of the fun facts is that I love Tesla. It’s like driving an Apple product.

In Norway, we have this guy on YouTube that I have been following for some time. He bought himself a Tesla and made a YouTube video about his trips. Like a car review video along on the road.

Now he got close to 30.000 subscribers on his channel! (In the current snapshot of time). He just announced in a new video on his channel that he will quit his job and go full-time YouTube.

Haha, talk about getting to do what you love! Zup!?…

Yes, like all humans should be able to do.

The Tesla guy from Norway

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  • Bjørn Nyland. Quit his job and went full time on Tesla YouTube videos