7 Rules To Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Soul

From my 17 years of martial arts and daily life of entrepreneurial Jedi mastery, I…


Be honest and tell me if you have felt stress over a long period. If you have, that’s such a terrible thing for you! Stress kills people. It makes you weak over longer periods and sabotages your sharpness and productivity.

Because of my 17 years of martial arts and career as an entrepreneurial Jedi, I have learned how to strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

I share how I cultivate and sustain my physicality and mental agility with many people. The tips and methods I give in this blog post WILL make an impact and advance your strength.

But first, why would you want to optimize yourself at all?

My 7 Practical Methods of Optimization

First, I want to describe one important point to you. Your life and my life will probably have different stories. Our history, life purpose and karmic “red thread” through this life have only diverse agendas.

So, I have unwillingly gained something valuable.

My childhood played out with the theme of “shit happens”. Between having five step-fathers, moving 32 times, living in a tent, my mother drinking to herself to death and having to deal with it alone, I have developed a special set of life and people skills.

Now, I have never complained. I have been fucking stubborn, having a warrior mindset and hustling through the valley with the shadow of death.

Losing my beautiful girlfriend was the hardest part. Losing my mother was a tea party compared to it. 

I’m still not complaining, but I mention this to you because if you have a similar background, that’s good! Seriously. You’re developing more valuable life-skills as an advanced soul than life-surfers who mentally break down for nothing!

Don’t let life take you down.

Stand tall and make a shift! Because shifts happen. Follow the motion.

Here are my 7 rules to strengthen your mind, body, and soul:

1. Morning Practice and Body Wake Up Call

Every day I have to start with a short workout. Maybe I’m addicted, but it’s like my body vibrates and becomes the Energizer Bunny if I don’t move.

This is not something you have to do. Do something else.

Yeah, one of those sidekick poses…

It’s a bodily habit of 17 years of training. I keep energizing music on (something positive).

I sip at least one glass of water during this session, since our bodies dry up during sleep. Don’t dry out your cells in your body, moisture them. Or you lose your power and over time get sick!

I do several push-ups, something you should do. I also loving doing push-ups on my head, with my legs straight up. You can do this against your wall, so you don’t fall over. Try balancing.

I end my morning movement with stretching. Stretching is something you should try as it is easy and less strenuous on your body.

At the very least, stretch because stretching also works on your chi. Add positive music to it. Enjoy it, mindfully.

2. Brutal Filtering AV Madness and Unhealthy People

Filtering comes first! If you are like most people (which you probably are), they have a tendency to swallow ALL of it.

Like this:

  • Watching the news to become hypnotized and (worst case) believe most of it.
  • Habitually and brutally browsing Facebook like a drone. Facebook is the worst of them now. Value your time better, don’t give 50% of your life to Mark Zuckerberg’s code of mass suggestion.
  • Look at your social life differently. You probably need to filter out some friends, co-workers and maybe even family. Become a social engineer.
  • Filter your environment. These are the places you spend time at. Maybe you can pick more inspiring and better feeling places. Go to a hotel lobby if you have to, act as a guest and read a book.

I made this shift many years ago, and it didn’t make me a shit-face either. I’m still a friendly person to everybody. The only change is that I deliberately and elegantly phase out certain unhealthy and negative people.

3. Consuming Inspirational and Mind-Boosting Content

This is important.

If you had consumed the type and amount of content as books, documentaries and other knowledge from my fringe research resources, your life would change TODAY.

After you have done your filtering and made it a norm, you got A LOT more capacity to consume GOOD stuff.

A good place to start is my 3 Part Blog Series or the well-known book Think and Grow Rich. Seriously, it was published in 1937. LOL.

If you don’t like to read or you don’t have time to read, that’s fine. Listen to Think and Grow Rich as an audiobook.

4.  Meditate To Reshape and Optimize Your Brain


For many people, meditation is still a little scary and too much of a “spiritual” subject. That just confirms their limiting mindset.

Did you know that researchers and scientists now know that meditation, in fact, reshapes the brain and connects new neuro-pathways?

It’s the regular habit of doing the meditation that creates the difference. Not just one romantic night with some incense and a candlelight by yourself where you try it once.

I also have a cool blog about meditating without sound that you should check out. I’ll link it here.

5. Raising Your Body Vibration By Eating Live Clean Food

This is a must.

I have never lived on junk food or dead diets. But I have improved my eating habits two years ago. I wanted to see the difference in my body by choosing to only clean and live food.

I saw the light.

I mean, it’s obvious. I just hadn’t made it a habit. Now, I do.

clean eating is good for the mind, body, and soul

The truth is… You WON’T be able to make the tips in this blog post a habit unless your body and brain get CLEAN energy! Because decision making in your brain won’t work as it should.

I make smoothies of kale, spinach, celery, apple and banana. I create my own cereal, not using milk. Use almond milk instead. Cut out bread (if you can’t, make sure you choose wheat) and don’t drink calf milk.

Try to see if you feel any difference.

Milk, I just have to point out… You got breastfed as a little kid, which is good. But you are an adult now, so why are you still sucking milk? And from a COW?

6. Seeing Reality As Energy

This is just a tip and not a must-do. My world-view is probably different from yours. But I see our existence as more of an “energy”. And energy is vibration in different levels.

When you understand this, you will think differently about life. You will THINK different. Because your thoughts are energy.

7. Help Others and Be Grateful

My last tip is to do good for other people.

There is no list of special things you should do, just be open to this.

Follow your intuition and let situations come to you.

gratefulness for mind, body, and soul health

Two years ago, I had to spend some time refocusing to figure out what my genuine passion was. It didn’t take long to discover that my 15 years as a Taekwon-Do trainer put me in my “natural setting”.

Training, coaching and mentoring people by words are what I do best. And I get A LOT in return. I feel it in my body and my heart.

Our hearts are connected. If you’re up to it, read the book The Hearts Code.

My Guarantee For You Change

Don’t fret, I will not announce a 30-day money-back guarantee for these 7 steps. I don’t have to.

If you truly keep going from this moment in your life by living, practicing and maintaining these steps as part of your routine, you WILL change.

In the moment of your decision, you already have changed your life. And by keeping it up, you reinforce the change and manifest a new reality.

So, I have spoken. Namaste.