Online Business Mentorship: A Nomad Going from Nothing to a Brand Platform and Online Business

You want to decide your own work hours and choose what to spend your precious…

Starting a business and travel

You want to decide your own work hours and choose what to spend your precious time on. What are your options in life when a 9-5 job is less tempting? And the school system sucks? In this article, I will share my online business mentorship strategy where I take a traveling nomad from a blank slate to a complete online business platform for him as a storyteller.

Online Business Mentorship planning – here’s what to expect

Before I move into presenting my friend and the methods I use in my coaching for this project, I would first like you to read about a topic YOU might recognize in your own life;

The need to break out and find freedom. The ugliness of feeling stuck.

Also, I will bring some advice on the first steps you can take to start having major positive changes coming into your life.

But first, let me quickly clarify and sum-up the project I’m working on here. 

Goal: Help my buddy launch his dream business and start a freedom platform

Okay, so before I continue with the story of who my friend is and how I will be working with him, here is a quick sum-up of what we are up to. I hope this can inspire some ideas for you to plan out your next steps in life.

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So here’s what we are up to: 

Project: Launching a new podcast and website as my buddy’s new business. 

Strategy: To built and launch this online business with as low cost as possible

Purpose: To create a completely virtual business platform for my buddy to keep his freedom as a traveler by building new income streams from a global audience. 

So to start a new online business by creating this platform, here’s a quick line-up of what I will be suggesting in my training and coaching with him.

  • A new website as the main hub for the business and brand
  • A new podcast channel
  • A new YouTube channel to support the podcast channel and website
  • An email newsletter to stay in touch with and inspire his subscribers
  • Coach him through defining his top skills and services that he can make an income from (both client/project-based and recurring)
  • Coach him through how to productively run his business with the right tools.
  • How to grow by connecting with the right people in a fitting industry

Okay, so we made a deal here – We’re making a film

After a couple of cups of coffee, I noticed how interesting a character my buddy is. I also started seeing his hidden qualities and potentials which triggered ideas on how he could take charge if his life and built his own self-made salary instead of hustling with sporadic jobs. 

This brought to life an idea in my hyperactive brain to make a film and have this project become a case study and example for other people.

So yes, we’re making a film about my coaching scenario and the process and workflow of this project. (Visit my YouTube channel here)

I’m happy my buddy accepted the invitation to be my case-study for my YouTube subscribers and tribe. We’re making this film to document the process and show others how to create something out of one’s passion and use it to bring in a second or full-time income. Or to simply make positive changes and shift their reality.

Okay, so if you are inspired to “break out” and make a big change in your own life, what are the steps to take?

First I wanted to run through a topic that I know is very common on this planet. But it’s not always openly talked about. And not everybody wants to admit to it. 

Identifying the Silent Depression of being stuck in a Job, the School, or the “System”

If you feel stuck in life and are looking for a purpose and something meaningful to invest your time in, this article will be worth reading now or saving for later.

I’m sitting at a Starbucks café in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s my office for the day as with many other people with laptops around sitting here.

I’m living my freedom. I have the quality of life that I want. And I love being able to help other people go against society’s norms, rebel, and to have the same lifestyle if that is what they desire.

But to help people I need to make sure that I do that in a manner that will have a deeper impact. During our conversations, we start with the foundation of who the person is, the deeper side of life, and their personal stories. If you came to me asking for help and just want the shallow fluffy advice you can find anywhere else, don’t bother asking.

But If I could help you on a deeper level combined with practical advice I would love to share some tips by having you join my tribe below. 

I’m about to share with you my coaching details on how to help my buddy go from frustration, uncertainty, and the feeling of being stuck in a “system”, to finally live out a dream he has had for some time.

His story is an example of how a lot of people feel lost in the two main areas of our lives that most of us live through: Having a job and going to school. 

But there is also another emerging symptom going about on this planet:

The need for freedom -do you feel that?

A huge shift is happening on the planet in how the earthlings want to experience life and their reason for being here in this human experience. 

And since a big part of our lives evolves around getting an education and making an income to stay alive and have a safe place to live, those two life arenas may bring about some form of limitations and entrapments.

The two main life arenas limiting us are:

  1. Working and earning a flat salary for someone else from 9-5 keeping you stuck in one location doing tasks you don’t really care about. 
  2. The school system sucks, leaves you burned out, with dept, and no guarantee for the success you’re promised.

At least for the majority of the population, it seems. The study that was done in the U.S and U.K on the well-being and happiness level of those being traditionally employed shows that 70-80% of employees don’t give a shit about their jobs. 

They simply work to stay alive. Serving their masters while putting their own lives and dreams on hold.

That’s a lot of negative energy in each country! It’s easy to see part of the reason why the U.S and the U.K have become a mess and is falling apart. 

Let it. It’s obvious what’s needed to make change happen.

Are you a rebel in the awakening process?

One thing I have noticed over the last years is that people with a higher level of awareness, a deeper connection to life, and their own spirituality, have an even greater need for freedom.

And part of the reason is that with a higher level of awareness and when going through the “awakening process”, you’re starting to see through the messed up illusion of the typical norms and traditional ways of living.

That makes you want to break out of the madness and do your own thing! And because you’re not so easily fooled by the system any longer, what are the options to chose a different path?

What’s our choice on how to educate ourselves or to find a better way of making an income?

Well, there are big things happening on the planet. And it’s a topic for another article. But just know that you have more choices than you ‘think’. 

There are a lot of ways to work and make a living. My specialty and the big topic of interest is to help people who are going through this awakening and don’t want to comply with the norm anymore. I help them re-discover themself and ponder new sides and different perspectives of themself and their life situation. And maybe, to build their own income and have more freedom.

This is why I want to write this article to show the process in the coaching and training I do for my friend. Like me, he is also currently living in Thailand. So we get to work “on location” for this project. 

Take charge of the future and create a “ticket to freedom”

Something so many people want but don’t know how to make happen. So they suffer in silence and just stick with what’s always been perceived as “safe” and secure; 

That MORE education will save your ass. Or, simply put life in a hell-loop and stick with the same mundane job month after month. Slowly draining your life force making you want to go home to your loft and whip yourself as the Opus Dei disciple, Silas.

So let’s talk about what steps can be taken to start having positive change happen in our lives. After that, we finally move on to look at the plan that will change my friend’s life going forward. 

What’s the first thing we need to think about, identify, and take action on to be able to make a change in life and move into another timeline?

Positive change accelerates with a step-by-step plan and guidance

Of course, having someone to support and guide you with a step-by-step plan accelerates these changes and makes the progress happen even faster.

Like in this case with my buddy; He will be handed a ready-made roadmap with a step-by-step progress plan to follow. This will be very effective for him for several reasons: 

  • He knows the destination and will have the map to get there
  • He clearly sees the exact steps to take and can start taking action
  • He will be supported by being held accountable for his progress
  • Sean is part of The Tribe as part of my program where he will work with other members building their own shift in life. 
  • Being part of my program brings some perks of being connected to a larger community and established creators to grow faster. 

But before I put together the new business plan for him, I had to gather and know a little bit more details. And try to dig deeper to hit a sweet-spot that awakens his smile and connect with deeper values and his dreams. 

We have to make sure we built something he got a passion for. And the same would be for you if you’re wanting to raise your living standards and shift into a more vibrant and positive reality.

Don’t comply with what your family, friends, or society expect from you. But fully comply with what YOU expect from you.

You will be doing a deliberate timeline shift.

This is when you decide to take charge of your future and create changes in your life so profound that you’re close to shifting into another reality. You’re jumping timelines. 

I have done it. I have seen other people do it. And I like motivating my fellow conscious earthlings to make it happen for them.

How do “jumping timelines” work?

Well, as long as you know that you want a change in life and seek to find opportunities, something changes in your energy signature. And when you’re ready and willing to make changes for the better, we could say that your “frequency” naturally changes as well.

This means that your tuning will be different and you will gradually move into a different really. This is why it’s very important to keep focusing on the right things in life and picture the outcome you wish to have.

One major advice I need to share with you will have a big impact on this positive change:

Tweak and optimize what you allow to influence your life!

This includes several types of “input”. It will include your friends and social network. Who do you allow to influence your daily life and outcome for your future?

It also includes what you allow to affect your mind and emotional state. Start filtering out the news, Netflix, social-fucking-media, and dumb entertainment. 

And it includes what you put in your mouth and on your body. Do you eat shit-food and allow toxic products in and ON your body? 

Basically, raise your personal standards and start spending time with more likeminded people and make sure you eat food that brings life force into your body and mind.

Online Business Mentorship planning

To help bright minds who miss a network of more self-aware and conscious people, you’re invited to become a member of my Tribe. You’ll be invited to join two live video co-working sessions each month. Doing this, your goals and dreams will shift and accelerate. Check out details about the Tribe here.

Now, let me present to you the star of the show. A great man I wish great fortune, blessings, and a proud unicorn that can take him into the future.  

Meet a guy who’s about to jump timelines to change his life and start his dream business

Okay, let’s get to the tasty stuff in this article. The guy you’re about to meet accepted my invitation to experience my coaching concept and program to make all his mornings sunny bright and fun again.

Meet Sean Martin

The guy with the reddest beard, some amazing travel stories, and deep insights about life’s unfolding reality and why your life story matters.

We had a coffee at Yesterday’s Hotel here in Chiang Mai. I shared my own background, my experiences, and knowledge about the freelance lifestyle.

When talking to people like this, a flow of creativity kicks in. So I suggested some ideas on how to built a business and put together a step-by-step plan for him. He was interested and decided to sign up for this journey and make shit happen.

We’re starting out online business mentorship planning together.

What is it that Sean REALLY want? What do YOU really want in life?

Sean is a smart guy that loves traveling, connecting new people, and sharing stories. He also has a deep interest in the human experience here on the planet and loves talking philosophy, metaphysical concepts, spirituality, and personal development. 

He is good at helping people understand the importance of their personal life stories and why they matter so they can get closer to their purpose in life. This helps them to make better choices to start to manifest more happiness and synchronicities.

Sean is also a researcher and writer which has led him to get paid for his author services. A quality that I wanted to put a note on for his coaching program and new business plan.

After years of traveling, he ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So far, every traveler I have met in this city love Chiang Mai and don’t want to leave.

The quality of life he found in Thailand mattered more than moving back to the U.S simply because that’s where he came from. As he said himself, “I don’t belong in that chaos anymore”. Just like 100% of people from the U.S and U.K I have met so far in Chiang Mai. Nobody wants to go back to the “madness”. 

I get that.

What Sean really wants is to be able to choose is reality. That includes having an inspiring lifestyle with likeminded individuals and to do work that he got a passion for. 

“Great” -I said.

“Let’s do something about that. I know exactly how we can craft a clever plan for you to cultivate your skills and start building some income streams”

So it began. And this is how it can shift and begin to change for you as well.

How I crafted the plan to start his online business

After another great meeting a few days after, I felt that I knew enough to paint a picture of what I could suggest and offer to built for Sean. 

And the funny thing is that it seems that I hit on something tasty right from the start. I remember during our first meeting at Yesterday’s Cafe I suddenly spitted out to Sean:

“Have you ever considered using your voice to share those stories and your life lessons on a podcast?…

That was the moment where I found what his passion REALLY was. He confirmed by saying that that he always wanted to be a story-teller and share his travel experiences and life philosophy to the world.

The suggestion of starting a podcast was showing me signs of excitement with Sean. So I continued to play with ideas and solutions because conversations like this are like a creative trigger for me. And ideas, possibilities, and solutions just start to flow. 

This is how I started crafting the plan and concept for a completely new online platform and business for Sean to share his stories with a global audience. To have guests on his show, and to distribute his message blended with his ability to write in a powerful way. 

And here’s a more detailed outline of how I put things together into a step-by-step plan for us to work with. 

The step-by-step business plan to start a Podcast platform

Great, so let’s gather around the campfire and I shall share the details of how this will come to life.

Let’s look at some important details I put together about Sean as the “product” of his own business. Take note of these for yourself as you may want to keep this in mind for your own planning.

(Some things obviously won’t be revealed until we launch this business in September 2020) 

Name: Sean Martin


  • A solid looking Viking character with a red beard (branding).
  • Love travel, and got amazing travel stories (product)
  • Have a good storytelling voice (branding)
  • Good with words and being a writer (product)
  • Got a bright mind, quick in his response, and great humor (branding)
  • Got a well-developed intuition and people skills (income)
  • Have a great network of people who would kick-start his podcast guestlist
  • Is well balanced between everyday life grounding and spiritual awareness
  • His character got a vintage-style personality (branding)

These “facts” are simply the type of notes that I would make while working with someone I would run through a coaching program or business setup. 

There are more details I won’t type out in writing here. But it’s details that will help me keep the person’s character in focus, and how I can help to put together a script and plan to help boost their mindset for greatness. 

Next, here’s the simplified plan that we are working with right now

  • Step 1 – Business branding
    • Define the concept and decide on the name
    • Create the business logo
    • Write a few headlines and about texts
  • Step – Domain and website setup
    • Pick a domain name and register it
    • Set up the website
    • Create a business email on the domain
    • Set up the email marketing service (Newsletters)
    • Write 3 email welcome series
  • Step 3 – Create and establish the podcast channel
    • Go through the podcast tech, setup, and software
    • Create a trail episode for editing
    • Write up the podcast concept and guidelines
    • Record 3 first episodes for the channel
    • Create the podcast channel graphics
    • Establish the podcast production workflow
  • Step 4 – Register and set up the new YouTube channel
    • Create the channel graphics
    • Write and establish the channel concept and guidelines
    • Establish the YouTube production workflow

This step-by-step process will be worked through in the order of importance. So first things first.

Project goal: To keep start-up cost as low as possible

One of the interesting goals we set for this online business plan was to keep costs low. We wanted to try and keep the start-up expenses as low as possible to make an example of how accessible it is to start an online business without the need for too much investment. 

And I suggested doing this without compromising on the quality of the services and tools we will be needing for Sean to run his business. We’re not simply going to pick the cheapest apps, tools, and services we can find. But make sure he will be set up with proper tools from well-established companies.

We do this to showcase what’s possible to built-in 2020 if you have a dream of living a freelance or nomad lifestyle and want a business at the same time.

Full list of services and tools we have decided on for this business

I will be listing up all the tools and services I have suggested and put together for Sean to start this online business and podcast venture. I’m also including the app we use for the planning and team tasklist on this project. 

  • – Project planning and task management
  • – Quality shared hosting with a great user dashboard
  • WordPress – To run Sean’s website and create his main hub
  • Divi Theme – to design and built the website and make it easy for Sean to maintain the site in the future.
  • – To start his business email series (Sean had a great list of sign-ups already 24 hours after we launched the splash-page)
  • – is the podcast recording and distribution platform
  • – To work with website and social media graphics

This is what we’re starting out with at least. Some of these tools and services may change as Sean sees it fit with how he likes to work. I will most likely suggest a CMS and project management tool like Asana or Basecamp for his startup.

We will also take a look at mobile and flexibles solutions for Sean to record his podcast. While maintaining audio quality. To make sure we get a great end result, he will be getting high-level professional editing support from one of my team members. 

Head over to to check her podcast editing services. A wonderful lady from Serbia having a passion for broadcast-quality audio. She makes her client’s podcast audience enjoy a great audio experience. Now she’s making the world’s chess master, Gary Casparow’s podcast shine. Nice client to have.

Want to see the result? Here’s how to peek behind the scenes

We wanted to make it possible for people who are interested in starting Sean’s business to keep up with the progress. So, we made a hashtag for that. 

Both on Instagram and Twitter you can follow the hashtag #BuildingSeansBrand

The website domain has also been registered. Go and visit and sign up for free to stay updated with the full launch and get early access to Sean’s first podcast episode!

Here’s what we will reveal on the grand opening for Sean Martin’s new business in a few weeks. 

  1. The full new business website
  2. His new podcast channel URL
  3. The new YouTube channel
  4. The results of the cost for the start-up. How low did we manage to keep it?
  5. Something secret…  (but fun)

As we keep working on his business growth plan I will also update this article with relevant details as needed. 

At last; This article was long. But I hope it made sense with the way it was put together. I wrote it to help you got some clarity, begin to think for yourself, and to show how you could consider putting a plan together to accelerate your life and live more fully and authentically.