How to Confidently Pursue Your Artistic Calling

Most creative individuals share a deep longing to embrace their true calling and express themselves…

How to accept my inner artist

Most creative individuals share a deep longing to embrace their true calling and express themselves through their creativity. Unfortunately, fear and doubt can sneak up on us in many cases, and we never end up turning our dreams into reality. However, it’s important to remember that these feelings are entirely normal and that we don’t necessarily have to overcome them as much as we need to embrace them in order to achieve our creative goals. 

Whether you dream of becoming an author, painter, photographer, or any other form of creative genius, here is how you can confidently pursue that artistic calling:

Accept your individuality as a gift

How to accept my inner artist

Many creatives feel like they are competing with other artists, constantly comparing themselves to others and thinking they aren’t good enough simply because they are at the beginning of their journey. But the truth is, if you are an artist now, you will always be one, and your aptitude will be expressed through your ideas, creations, and the way you live your life.

As an artist, there is truly no reason to compare yourself to anyone. Each individual has their own authentic voice, vision, and point of view, and that is wonderful! This is exactly what makes you unique, and it is a great gift you should feel confident in pursuing and glad to share with the world.

Turn self-doubt into motivation

Turning doubt to motivation

As humans, however, most of us have a tendency to get lost in negative thoughts, critiquing ourselves, our talents, and our creative processes each day. And while our inner critics are certainly a hindrance to progress, the good news is that they are nothing more than a habit, one we could attempt to break.

So, make it a point to change your mindset. Take note of any negative thought patterns, and don’t let your doubts take over. Rather, make an effort to replace these thoughts with positive ones, in turn motivating yourself to continue forward and pursue your creative calling with more enthusiasm.

Put in the needed work each day

Put in the work

Although inspiration is an incredibly important part of the creative process, you simply can’t sit around all day and wait for inspiration to strike before you start working, as that’s quite a good way of never actually accomplishing anything. Instead, you should put in the work every day, whether the inspiration strikes or not, in order to achieve progress.

If you’ve decided to express your artistry by creating resin jewelry or home accessories, for instance, buying a beautiful resin color to experiment with can be a great idea. From pearl and metallic to glitter and holographic finishes, new pigments could easily motivate you to create something new. And even if inspiration doesn’t come, you can still enjoy the sense of accomplishment knowing you have managed to make something wonderful each day.

Continue investing in growth

Investing in myself

Working on developing the technical skills needed to make beautiful art is another crucial aspect of successfully engaging in any creative endeavour. For that reason, continuing to practice regularly, investing in new learning opportunities, and prioritizing both personal and professional growth should be your main focus.

This could be as simple as reading books or watching YouTube videos on improving your techniques or even more elaborate like investing in professional courses and workshops; whatever allows you to grow, develop, find a new creative outlet, and possibly breed inspiration. However, try not to look at self-development as a requirement, but rather as a helpful tool that accelerates growth, in an effort not to lose your motivation.

Try to enjoy the entire process

Enjoy the artist process

Every creative process is meant to be fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling. While it’s entirely natural not to feel overly motivated and eager to work each day, expressing yourself through art should still be a positive general experience. You should always feel like your creative endeavors are allowing you to enrich your life.

That being said, if the entire artistic process seems like nothing more than a necessary chore to you, it might be time for a change. You might realize that you’ve chosen the wrong calling and that drawing might suit you more than painting for example, or you could simply need a change and a fresh perspective, such as photographing people instead of landscapes; whatever allows you to have more fun while expressing your talents.

Pursuing your artistic calling is never an easy task, as it requires plenty of confidence and self-assurance. But as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can easily let your talents shine through.

Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith is an Australian-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design, and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion-related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.