Leaving Thailand – Time to Manifest and Change Reality by Seeking Solitude

Thailand was wonderful, but I had to leave. The factors that prompted me to depart…

Thailand was wonderful, but I had to leave. The factors that prompted me to depart this ideal country for a laptop lifestyle might resonate with your current situation. Consider evaluating your energy landscape. As we navigate a significant reality shift, there may be better places for you to be at this time so you can manifest and change your reality.

I had a pretty awesome lifestyle in Thailand. In fact, I stayed there for five years. I built many parts of my online business while enjoying a good standard of living, with a nice condo, weekly massages, and good food. But something changed last fall. In my recent YouTube video, I share more details about why it was necessary to pack my things and end the lease on my condo.

I even mummified the original Apple Studio Display package and dragged it back to Norway. My precious.

Something changed – And something is changing

Last fall, the “vibe” changed, and Thailand was no longer the right place to stay. I don’t think it was just the vibe of Chiang Mai, but a general feeling of needing to shift location.

My girlfriend and I felt stressed about leaving Thailand around October. It was clearly time to go. After some browsing and research, it became clear that we missed the Nordic nature, cool air, and even a solid winter. Keep in mind, this is what happens when you deliberately focus on manifesting your dreams and elevating your energetic vibration to match what you desire.

So, winter, for sure got it!

In December 2023, we left Thailand at +32 degrees and arrived in Oslo, Norway at -13 one chilly evening. I loved it. What I can say for sure is that the energetic landscape in our reality is changing significantly at this time.

Whether you are deliberately focusing on the theme of spiritual awareness and a more global consciousness or not, things are changing. And depending on your awareness and life goals, you may find yourself in a place (location) right now that is not to your benefit. We’re in a time where it’s super important to be clear about a few things so we can manifest and change reality to what we prefer:

  • What you take as truth and what you choose to believe in
  • Which side are you on with truth
  • Do you follow and obey, or are you the captain of your own ship?
  • Do you value and honor your uniqueness, life path, and dreams?

Are you a follower trying to keep pace with the flock, or are you thinking and deciding for yourself and choosing to go your own path? The first option (what most people do) will hurt you in the long run. The second one takes some courage maybe, but brings self-empowerment, freedom, and happiness.

It’s risky to be a “follower of the norms”. That will just lead you into places you don’t really belong. Because you as an individual have your own energy signature, different from everybody else. And if you then simply try to be fake, become an actor, and dance to whatever is played on the radio, you’re not yourself. You fake it because you think you’ll make it.

Easy transition with an online business

I’m very happy I didn’t follow others’ expectations many years ago. I continued building my online business as planned. This provided me with the freedom to move wherever I felt like. Thailand has been amazing to me and was an important step. It’s also a great place to build an online business with so many like-minded people.

Manifest and change your reality - laptop lifestyle

Though, I don’t really care too much about mingling with others. It was nice to observe.

So, leaving Thailand was a smooth transition as a Reality Shift Mindset Coach, combined with my “tech-business” as a Web Designer.

I know that this is a hot topic for many as they seek methods to make this a reality. People have personal qualities and skills they don’t utilize. In terms of Web Design, it’s one of the easiest methods I know to earn a good income while working from anywhere.

So, to assist those ready to learn, I’ve built my own course platform. You’re welcome to learn and start building. Learning how to build WordPress websites (the professional way) is easier than you think.

It’s time to choose and manifest your reality

You can’t fake it anymore. Don’t fuck around with reality. Spend some time mind-time by yourself, evaluate who you are, and start deciding what direction you actally want to take that is optimal for you.

We’re in a time where it may be necessary to make a few important changes in your life:

  1. Consider and decide who you allow to influence your life (Friends, family, government)
  2. Consider the location of your home or workplace to match your energy
  3. Consider what you feed your mind and body

For my part, I have not been good at being a sheep. I barely even made it through school. I left my employee job a long time ago so I could more freely decide my own crowd, income, and lifestyle.

What we started feeling in Thailand was that this place is NOT the right vibe for us at this time. We felt a certain heaviness in Chiang Mai. So, when I suggest that you start using your inner guidance system and use your built-in intuitive feelings, here’s an example of how that could work.

  • We felt excited, happy, relieved, and very much motivated to just be in the Norwegian forest far away from people. The smell of pine trees, firewood, and clean mountain air gave us goosebumps.

In fact, excatly like this. (iPhone 15 Pro Max, one winter evening)

Cabin in winter Norway

Thats the sign! This is what you should be looking for in your body-mind energy system. What does certain changes and possible locations feel like for you.

Your reality is shifting on this planet

If you are slightly into spiritual awakening and metaphysical topics, you know that we are experiencing a significant energetic upgrade on our planet and the surrounding cosmos. If this is new to you, it is very easy to find more knowledge about it.

And I’m not talking about any holy shit coming from the church system. Those institutions have been spiritually abusing humanity for a long time, but are finally starting to fall apart. This control system won’t work anymore, because humans are now starting to think for themselves and have finally found out that God doesn’t need to be pleased, paid, or obeyed. It just is. And it’s all good.

Now, the challenge for humanity is that they are not yet used to the bright insight that they themselves are in control of their own reality, and will have to start making choices. Priests can’t tell them where to go anymore. Or how they should confess their “sins”.

The truth about this “awakening” is that not everybody will understand, agree, and open up to such a freeing understanding of their reality. They will stick with the old, follow the traditional system, obey the norms, and stay in the fog sleepwalking under the spell of old belief systems. Until they die. And thats fine.

It’s completely okay and allowed to be unaware. Just don’t drag those who start seeing things clearly down into the drain.

Your reality is shifting also, no matter what side you choose to be on. Whether you choose the blue or the red pill, a transition will be experienced. And the way you can expect to see that is how things unfold in your personal reality around you. What events do you see? What people are leaving you, or coming into your life? Are there more or less friction in your daily life experiences? What thoughts are you thinking? They can be positive, uplifting, “modern” and beneficial for humanity and earth.

Or, they can be the total opposite. And you have to choose now. What, where, and how…

Seeking solitude and filtering your reality

Yes, it can be time to put more focus on yourself, seek solitude, and start filtering your reality. By activating a “reality filter,” you consciously decide where you feel good about living, who to let into your life, and what body and mind snacks you allow to influence you.

For some, it can sound scary and lonely to spend more time alone. And it can be in the beginning. I have tried it, and cried. But by going back to thinking about myself and what is important TO ME, it started calming down and I felt peace. Also, new people came into my life, because my frequency changed.

Think about this, when you make these new decisions, it means that you already have changed!

A different version of you, in the past, would probably not think like this and make a new self-care choice like this.

Cool, this is an example of a personal reality shift. And you should be proud. You are saving yourself. And set the stage for a play of future positive changes. New earth. New growth.

For us, it felt awesome to move away from crowds of people, intense noise from cars, overlapping wifi and 4G/5G signals, and busy life. Just take a look at the beautiful scenery we were presented with once we arrived in the Norwegian nature at winter time.

This is why I left Thailand

Why move from Thailand, leaving the fuzzy warmth and cheap food? Well, I don’t think I need to explain that. My awareness of what was going on and my inner feelings led me to make an important choice.

It felt amazing to leave a climate of constant sweating, stickiness, and unhealthy air-conditioned rooms for a fresh and beautiful setting with serene peace.

If you’ve been asking yourself how to change reality and move to another timeline, I suggest you speed up the process by learning a few steps from a pretty popular eBook I know about:

Free eBook – The Reality Shift Template.

Yes, I wrote that a few years ago. And the feedback has been great. There’s a big chance it will help you too. I just think it’s important that you make clever choices now and decide for yourself what your future should look like.

If you want more behind-the-scenes content of how I travel and work, I edit YouTube films while at hotel rooms and AirBNBs. Visit my YouTube channel and become a subscriber of the tribe.

YouTube edits on laptop

Thank you for reading until the end. I believe that words like these will in itself benefit your energic shift into a more positive timeline and future. Hold the mental picture and flow without force, into what you desire.

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