How to Make 2021 The Best Year Ever – Your Manifesting Power

Do you feel like the last year was a little rough? For me it was…

How to make 2021 the best year ever

Do you feel like the last year was a little rough? For me it was — not because I was caught up in the fear of the pandemic, but because of the forced changes and unexpected personal loss and shift of my reality. Because of this, I dived more into the power of manifesting and the choices that we actually have to create our own lives how we want them. The results of the last two months have been amazing. So here’s how to make 2021 the best year ever.

Before I share two life-changing resources later in this article, maybe you can relate to the following two segments. 

The following have been the typical story for most people on the planet:

Hope For the Best – The Old Way of Experiencing Life’s Unfolding

Do you believe that you can think, create, and manifest your own reality? Or do you think that life is random and just keeps uncontrollably unfolding around you every day when you wake up? 

Notice and make a remark on the word “Think” here.

Notice it because that is the key to whatever reply you would give me – the key to begin to be more self-aware and to consciously create your personal dreams and goals in life. 

What you “Think” becomes reality.

The year 2020 was rough for a lot of people. And in regards to manifesting our lives, I guess we can say that most people will claim: “I didn’t create my reality to experience this pandemic”. 

But in a sense, we all did.

Humans as a collective, I believe, co-created the script and play to let the last year’s scenario unfold in our lives, of course, with more or less drama for various individuals around the planet. But we could say that the earthlings co-wrote the script where humans would “allow” such an event as the Covid-19 madness to unfold. 

You could say there was a collective agreement of something that sooner or later would have to come about on a planet with so many unbalanced energies and an uneven distribution of power that is in control of the majority of people. It had to happen because it is a necessary way for humans to wake the hell up.

While the pandemic picked up speed and forced measures seeped into most people’s lives, they felt powerless, desperate, and scared of what was going on and how things would end up in the future.

This is especially understandable on this grand scale. The truth is, however, that the same desperation, fear, and powerlessness is felt by millions of people in their private lives every single day. They feel life is just happening to them. That the Universe is random and God is being selective. They are completely without any insight that they created their external reality themself by the power of their mind and the life choices they made.

That is the truth for a sleeping and consciously blind species. But not anymore. Right? (Unless you chose it.)

It’s about time earthlings take charge of their lives, their communities, their planet, and stop being victims of their own creation. It’s like being a fully capable adult, pooping their pants, and then complain and suffering from it after. Then they repeat it.

You Are God – The Creator of Your World and Reality

Let me lead into the resources I wanted to share in this article so you can re-write your mind and finally attain inner peace, confidence, and personal power.

That will be the expected result as soon as you decide to take note of who actually signed the script of the life your living. 

It has your name at the bottom!

You just didn’t know you were writing it, because you were sleep-walking all along. 

So if you truly want a better life and you decide to pick up your sword, point it to the sky, and claim your powereverything will change. 

The paradox here is that if you don’t agree – if you don’t believe that you have this innate power to think, manifest, and live the life you want – you are also right. That is what you just created. Like the old adage says: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” 

You get what you ask for. If you don’t like what you’ve been given, ask again. But next time, keep in mind and make note of what you’re beliefs are in the process.

How I completely Removed Anxiety in Two Months 

Allow me to be an example of such a mindset rewrite. Since the summer of 2020, I started to build up a renewed urge to dive back into more spiritual and metaphysical concepts and knowledge. 

When October came, I was forced into a situation where I really had to make sure I took care of my mind and body. I ended up, surprised and shocked, in another chapter where I felt abandoned and not “good enough”. That’s something that is very common for many people, and which usually connects to our childhood. 

But no matter what the situation or struggle is in your life, everything changes when you bring in a new understanding about how you create your reality.

I already had that baseline understanding of life. But it was when I dived into the following practice that things shifted. 

Staying physically active to produce positive energy

Maintaining your physical body in combination with new ways of thinking is of course the optimal solution, because our bodies do in fact need to be used. We know how just simple activities produce new chemicals in the body which affects the mind very positively. 

I made sure I continued with my daily practice down in the gym at our condo here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Learning to think, visualize, feel, and expect a desired outcome.

Next, I started to dive deeply into the power and techniques of the term we call “manifesting”. It’s about making thoughts into reality so we can experience them in 3D form. 

I was happy to discover that there was a lot more information around manifesting that I have previously discovered. Which I will show you in a moment.

How to make 2021 the best year ever

Most people being into some form of personal growth have heard about the book and the movie The Secret sharing the concept of The Law of Attraction. But this is a very lightweight and shallow source of information around this topic. It came out in a time when most humans were not ready to accept it, so it had to be spoon-fed in a shallow and materialistic way. 

Let’s instead refer to older sources. Speakers and authors have been well known for their wisdom way before our time. You would think that a book like The Secret had some fresh new knowledge finally coming out on the planet? Hell no!

Deep knowledge about the cosmos, our planet, living a life, and how we created it has always been around. Humans are just now finally beginning to rediscover what the hell is going on. 

And for me – the results have been profound! 

In two months I got rid of my anxiety in my stomach. I started feeling a lot more peaceful. The stress I have been carrying around in my chest for a long time disappeared, and I got overall more happy with my every-day experience of life.

I now picture my everyday reality as an echo of something I created in my personal parallel reality version. And therefore, everything that happens is okay. 

Another result was that I suddenly started to attract a lot of new people.

Which is good. Because it can get lonely for you when you decide to get into personal growth and deeper knowledge. To finally “wake up” make you not fitting into society as you normally did.

Not just new connections, but I also noticed that when I go out every day to work at cafés and just be in town. Even random strangers started to approach me. And small children approached me in malls and cafés, being totally transfixed with my presence. 

If you are ready to feel more in control of your life regarding your health, wealth, and well-being, here are awesome resources. 

This reprogrammed my brain to sharpen my understanding of these concepts. I began to think new thoughts and therefore experience a new reality.

The same will happen to you when you are ready to truly understand how your thoughts and emotions create your own reality.

The Teachings of Neville Goddard – You Create Your Reality

Religions have been some of the major fuck-ups on this planet. It’s in a way spirituality twisted into a sick mix of shame, fear, dogmas, laws, expectations, and politics. Often wrapped in some fancy garment worn at weird rituals that don’t make sense. 

I guess we all know that religions have been and still are some of the most powerful forces to create confusion, war, destruction, and fear of life and death.

That doesn’t mean that the most famous religious book on the planet has its words wrong. It’s simply about how we have understood it. And that is under a completely new realization on this planet now. 

Neville Goddard (1905 – 1972) is one of those early speakers and authors who refer to God, the Bible, and scripture when it comes to understanding life and how we manifest our reality, but not in a religious way. Instead in a more mystical, and natural way. 

The teachings of the Bible do actually have a lot of very interesting lessons. That is because the “laws of the Universe” are not something we FINALLY discovered on this planet. It’s been around forever, and so, you’ll find it in the Bible among other places. 

Neville was not a religious man. He was just a strong believer in the “word”, the God in all of us, and your power to create. 

One amazing YouTuber named Jospeh Alai is one of those that helped me discover Neville Goddard’s work. He puts it in a form that his subscribers really love. And I highly recommend watching several of his videos to start gradually reprogramming your mind. 

Remember, you have years of mindset program hardening based on your past on this planet, so it takes time to restructure and implement new beliefs into your subconscious mind. 

When Neville Goddard was a lecturer back in the 1930’s he talked about how we all speak and think our life experience into reality and how we are all the observer and creator as God fragments. Each and every one of us. 

Listen to the videos, the audio-books, and read this new information often. And you will gradually start to see your life in a new way. You will begin to think and observe your thoughts in a new way, and over time. It will start to echo out into your physical reality in a new way.

The Mystical Russian Author that Teaches Reality Transurfing

Do you feel ready to shift into another reality and completely new timeline? 

The Reality Transurfing book

This is one of my passions. How can we rewrite and change our reality and move into another timeline? We have goals, dreams, and sometimes a magical picture in our minds of what life could look like. 

Well, is it possible for us to create that? 

The famous Russian author Vadim Zeland is a profound author and I would say, genius, with his “Reality Transurfing” book. He is a Russian scientist that have been involved in metaphysical and esoteric research. 

Here’s a quote from the author’s website: 

“Every single person’s life is being influenced by the way he or she acts as well as the way he or she thinks. Transurfing is a unique technology of achieving goals and managing events with the help of special techniques of focusing the attention. Your life starts filling with everything you focus your attention on.” 

This information is absolutely life-transforming. The book will teach you how to shifting into another reality timeline. 

There seems to be a mystery around Vadim Zeland. He is an author that is not to be seen in public or that does any promotional appearances. I don’t think you will find any YouTube video with the author. Let me know if you do. 

The information and knowledge in the book “Reality Transurfing I-V” will change your life. Because it’s written in such a deep, detailed, and transformative way that it will set your life apart from the day before. 

The concept of Reality Transurfing has become a big movement on the planet and there are even coaches who teach this wisdom and practices. You can also find audio-book version on YouTube. And videos that will sum-up the main structure of the book. 

It’s a fat book of over 800 pages, so take your time. 

Recap on What Changed My Reality – Make 2021 the best year ever

Let’s recap what I have been doing the last two-three months to greatly improve my life experience. 

  • Raise my energy in my body through simple workouts
  • Make sure I eat clean and mostly healthy food
  • Learn about the power of my mind to create consciously 
  • Learn how to shift timelines through Reality Transurfing

Those are mainly the steps that greatly improved my energy the last months. I’m breathing more easily; I’m more peaceful. I have a much greater trust in the Universe and the processes unfolding. 

I have more control of the outcome of life as I am more aware of my thoughts, I have more clarity, and I trust the outcome of my dreams. 

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