5 Ways Nature is Healing for The Mind, Can Expand Your Awareness, and Help Define Your Purpose

The world is changing rapidly. Mass urbanization, technological advancement and transformation, and the fact that…

Discover how nature is healing for the mind

The world is changing rapidly. Mass urbanization, technological advancement and transformation, and the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to establish a work-life balance can make it feel like we are constantly wandering, struggling to find our purpose, our lives imbued with stress and anxiety. Here we look at how nature is healing for the mind so you can regain your power.

The hectic modern world is definitely making it difficult for younger generations to find their purpose in life or set things into perspective.

Unfortunately, this should come as no surprise, because modern life seems to be designed to weigh you down, and keep you from achieving greatness. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find your true purpose and set off on the right course.

What you need is to regain inner peace and stability, expand your awareness and perception so that you can put things into perspective. And there’s no better way to do that than to spend time in Mother Nature’s embrace. 

Here are the five ways nature can heal your mind and make 2021 the best year of your life

Escape the stress and find your sense of calm

To discover your true purpose, your passion, and to be able to create a concrete plan for the future, you first need to deal with the stress in your life. Stress is the killer of dreams and anxiety is the weight pulling you down. You can’t hope to achieve your goals or build a thriving life if you’re constantly weighed down by these invisible demons. 

Best ways to remove stress in nature

Mind you, if you don’t minimize or eliminate stress and anxiety, these could lead to serious issues down the road, such as depression. Fortunately, escaping into nature is one of the best ways to battle chronic stress, fatigue, and regain your sense of calm to banish anxiety and panic attacks. Immediately as you find yourself surrounded by nature, you will feel that ringing in your ears start to subside, you will start breathing deeply, and you will feel at home. You will quickly get the sense how nature is healing for the mind.

Regain mental clarity and build your vision

Once the feelings of stress and anxiety have started to subside and you find yourself truly immersed in the here and now, you can start regaining some much-needed clarity. This is the first step towards finding your purpose and defining the vision that will help you achieve your goals in life. It’s the first step towards regaining your spiritual, physical, and mental energy, all of which are essential to build a life imbued with health and happiness.

How to heal in nature

To regain mental clarity and banish that dreaded brain fog that’s keeping you focused on survival and your basic needs, you need to focus your attention on your surroundings. It will be difficult at first, but you can use mindful meditation, breathing techniques, and your yoga flow to empty your mind of worry and focus on the sounds, scents, and signs or the natural world around you.

Spend time in nature to shift your perspective

You can’t hope to change your life for the better without self-actualization, and without shifting your perspective and priorities. Right now, you are focused on the paycheck, pleasing your boss, and staying in line with societal expectations. That’s not going to change without deep introspection. You need to get moving, and you need to explore the natural world.

Camping in nature to remove stress

Be sure to spend enough time in nature, and bring a tent and other equipment needed for a lengthier stay. It’s important to have multipurpose tools with you like the reliable OTF knives to help you pitch a tent and mold your surroundings. Then, you can set off on brief but transformative exploration journeys from your campsite, paying close attention to how the natural world lives and breathes.

During your walks, you will slowly start to realize what matters and what doesn’t matter to you in life, how simpler and more rewarding it can be, and what you should prioritize. Your walks will allow you to get rid of psychological and spiritual burdens, and find your true purpose.

Stay grounded and rational but dream big

Establishing a deeper connection with the Earth is one of the best ways to stay grounded in life. The time you spend in nature will help you reconnect with your rational self as well, to better put things into perspective and improve your spiritual health in the process.

Removing stress to find clarity

That said, in this rationality you will find a higher sense of freedom and courage to take on even bolder goals and dream bigger than ever before. Nature has that funny way of telling you that you can do better, and that you have the potential to achieve greatness, whatever it may entail for you.

Work on finding balance in life

You are bound to return to the hectic urban environment where you live and work, but it’s important to return to nature on a regular basis. Remember, your living environment is not what’s affecting your well-being – it’s you who needs to learn to stay grounded, balanced, and happy amidst the noise and the confusion.

Yoga in nature to remove stress

Make sure to use your time in nature to find balance in your life and make the most important decisions that will affect your daily routine, and your future. In a very practical sense, you should use your natural surroundings to devise a plan to enjoy your life more, worry less, and strike a balance between your career and your leisure time used for rest and mental rejuvenation.

Over to you

In the hectic modern world, nature is the place you want to be if your goal is to find your purpose and change your life for the better. Make it a habit to visit Mother Nature often, and use these tips to make the most of your stay. 

Sophia Smith
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