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The new years resolutions ideas that will stick

How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick - 3 Major Tips

Are you like most people, epic at failing their new year resolutions? Well, there is a reason for that. And I wanted to share three major tips on how to make new years resolutions ideas that stick and become a new life habit you can thrive off.
How to become a work from home mom

How to Become a ‘Mompreneur’ - 3 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Home-Based Business

No doubt about it, if you’re a mom you are an expert at getting things done. That’s what makes moms good managers. So why not channel that management skill into your own home-based business and become a “mompreneur”?
How to earn passive income by becoming a Shopify Partner

How to become a Shopify Expert and built passive income

What sucks the most with your current job or freelance career? Is it the lack of well paying clients, little to no passive income, or just the work in general? Or maybe, you’re doing just fine but would like a change. In this article I’ll tell you why becoming a Shopify Expert is so popular and lucrative.
how to write a book

How to Write a Book through Self Publishing and Accelerate your Career

More than once, I’ve read a powerful story in a book from an author who is not really well known. That’s never mattered to me because the story in the book left a huge impression. The story quite possibly changed my life. Here's how to write a book through self-publishing, accelerate your career and impact people' life.
Top YouTubers for personal motivation and personal growth

7 top YouTubers to motivate yourself for a new Beginning in life

In this article, I will point you to YouTubers that took control of their lives and worked out their success way out of the conventional norms. It was not about their education or benefits coming from an already successful beginning. They molded their way through life and was focused on their dreams.
How to bust the system

How to Bust the System and Skilfully Craft Your Future

Are you tired of all the struggle and stress that’s not making life work out for you? Did you get enough of people, family expectations, school, and the limitations society have put upon itself? Then it’s time to break out of the system and craft your own path.
How to disconnect from society by living like a Viking

How to disconnect from society by living like a Viking

I just visited a Viking market in Norway to shoot a film about why I think this is getting more and more attractive for people. Want to know how to disconnect from society?
The loneliness of being a high achiever with an expanded mindset

Feeling lonely when spiritually growing and awakening to an expanded mindset

If you live with an expanded mindset, you will sooner or later find it lonely and a little sad that the rest of humanity doesn’t share your worldview. Here’s what you can do to make this feel a little more “okay.”
Examples of Past life memories

3 Shocking Examples of Past Life Memories and How They Connect to the Present

Do you believe that each of us has a past life? In this blog, I'm sharing three examples of past life memories and how they connect to our current reality.
Why your past life matters in your current reality

Why your past life matters in your current reality

Our past life often affects our current reality, whether we know it or not. In this post, learn how to understand this connection and what to do about it.
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