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Jobs that can be done remotely

7 Benefits of Moving to Another Country to Start Over

Your life may be changing. Maybe even feel out of control. Or you desperately need change. This is all part of the shift of times we are in. Consider these 7 benefits of moving to another country to start over and simplify your life. I just did and got rid of 80% of my belongings.
Living in Thailand

Leaving Thailand, Simple Living, and Trusting the Universe

When something in you changes so much that it’s hard to get along with friends and family, there’s a mismatch in frequencies. My girl and I have experienced that. We just came home from 6 months in Thailand. Norway is safe, nice, and a rich-bitch country. But it’s not the best. For us. Now we practice simple living.
How to make a reality shift

How To Make a Reality Shift to Accelerate Personal and Business Growth

What is a reality shift, really. On a metaphysical level, it’s about changing your vibration until you see your surroundings change. That’s what I experienced, and it’s something that you could also benefit from immensely. I will share a few tips on how to make a reality shift if you have a vision of a more grandiose life in the future.
How to get Unstuck in Life by trusting Yourself

How To Get Unstuck in Life By Trusting Yourself and Allow Positive Change

What if you one day have to relocate to a different part of the world but feel insecure? It could be exactly what you need for you to become more of who you are. How to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself, the Universe, and allow change to happen? Well, I was, more or less, forced to move from Norway to Thailand, and now my girlfriend and I are living better than ever.
Benefits of moving to another country

Benefits of Moving to Another Country Even If You Don't Feel Like It

The ancient texts talk about a coming time where this planet will experience a huge shift. We’re right in the middle of it now, and maybe you feel some of the changes. I for sure do. Don’t freak out, because these forced upon you, changes, may be your biggest blessing at times. As it did for me when me and my girl moved to Thailand.

Sell Your Services Online AND Make An Income

It’s a no-brainer. You’ve got some skills and qualities that you could charge money for. Why not figure out and learn how to promote your services online, have people pay you, and then you can live happily ever after?
Understand my life better

Transform Your Life: Train your mind to control your life and career

You’re not alone when you feel foreign or misplaced in many of the established systems and ways of life on this planet. The more you wake up to the mystery of deeper insights of life; the less you are willing to conform and be enslaved. I know you can master your own damn life, so […]
How to measure the Schumann Resonanse

Becoming Aware - Earth Energies You Can Monitor

Are you a sensitive person? Maybe an empath as it’s been so often called the last years. Or maybe not, but you experience changes in your life, maybe even emotionally. But you don’t know why and you feel unbalanced. Well, we ARE into a great change on the planet. And a lot of the energy shifts are, in fact, being measured. In this post I’ll share three sources you can keep track of.
How to become a filmmaker without school

Follow Your Passion and Self Educate: How to Become a Filmmaker

I interviewed my buddy, who’s a filmmaker, on how to become a filmmaker without film school, and his advice was to “follow your passion.”
Create positive spaces for better energy

Manifesting Your Reality - Creating Positive and Motivating Spaces

Whether you do or don’t, the thoughts you had in the near past have created the spaces and surroundings you experience today. So, it’s important to be mindful about manifesting your reality to attract and create motivating and uplifting spaces for you to live in.
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